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Since 1983, Townsend Letter has been publishing a print alternative medicine magazine. As a forum for the entire alternative medicine community, we present scientific information on a wide variety of alternative medicine topics —including EDTA Chelation Therapy.

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Dec 2016 cover

Call to Action: Alliance for Natural Health
The US Food and Drug Administration has issued its newly revised policy on dietary supplements. Despite overwhelming public outcry against the initial proposal, the agency's new guidance seems designed to eliminate new supplements once and for all. It's nothing short of a disaster. Read more.

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Jan 2017 issue alternative medicine magazine

From this issue of our Alternative Medicine Magazine

  • Mercury: The Quintessential Anti-Nutrient
    by Sara Russell, PhD, NTP, and Kristin G. Homme, PE(ret.), MPP, MPH

  • Hair Testing for Mercury and Other Toxic Metals
    by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE

  • Galectin-3: An Emerging Biomarker for Evaluation and Treatment of Cardiovascular and Kidney Disorders and Cancer
    by Jerry Stine, CNC, and Nancy Faass, MSW, MPH

  • The Importance of Testing for Glyphosate:
    The World's Most Widely Used Herbicide
    by William Shaw, PhD, and Matthew Pratt-Hyatt, PhD

  • A Panel Approach for Diagnosing Borreliosis?
    by Jyotsna S. Shah, Iris Du Cruz, and Steven Harris

  • Shifting Focus from Glycemic Status to Insulin Homeostasis for Stemming Global Tides of Hyperinsulinism and Type 2 Diabetes
    by Majid Ali, MD, FRCS (Eng), facP; Alfred O. Fayemi, MD, MSc (Path), FCAP; Omar Ali, MD, FACC; Sabitha Dasoju, MB, BS; Daawar Chaudhary; Sophia Hameedi; Jai Amin; Kadin Ali; Benjamin Svoboda

  • Curmudgeon's Corner
    Emerson Ignite Conference: My Experience
    Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO

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Kirkland physician Dr. Jonathan Collin and his wife, Deborah Nissen-Collin.

Local physician receives two awards from Emord and Associates
September 15, 2014

Kirkland physician and editor and publisher of the Townsend Letter was presented with two awards from Emord and Associates. Dr. Jonathan Collin received the Excellence in Integrative Medicine award and the Excellence in Medical Journalism award during the Sacred Fire of Liberty Gala Sept. 5-6 in Cambridge, Maryland.
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Watch the video below.

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Dr. Jonathan Collin's acceptance speech for his Excellence in Integrative Medicine and Excellence in Medical Journalism awards.
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NIH Trial Gives Surprising Boost To Chelation Therapy (Offsite link)
With a result that is likely to surprise and baffle much of the mainstream medical community,
a large NIH-sponsored trial has turned up the first substantial evidence in support of
chelation therapy for patients with coronary disease.

A Timeline for EDTA Chelation Therapy as a Treatment for Vascular Disease
by Terry Chappell, John Trowbridge, and Michael Schachter

Restorative Medicine
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DECEMBER 9-11: METABOLIC MEDICAL INSTITUTE MODULES on Endocrinology, Clinical Practice Protocols, Weight Management, & Stem Cells in Las Vegas, Nevada. CONTACT:

JANUARY 13-15: INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY PRACTICE in Irvine (Orange County), California. Also, FEBRUARY 10-12 in Boston, Massachusetts. CONTACT:


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Announcing The Best of Naturopathic Medicine Competition 2017
Townsend Letter is pleased to announce our eighth Best of Naturopathic Medicine competition. Naturopathic students, faculty, researchers, and practitioners are invited to submit research papers, reviews, and articles. Selected papers will be published in our February/March 2017 issue. The author of the winning paper will be awarded $850. Runner-up papers will be published and authors will receive an honorarium.
Papers should be 1500 to 3500 words and referenced.
Papers should be submitted digitally, preferably as a Microsoft Word document. (Author guidelines pdf)
Papers authored by multiple writers are acceptable; the lead author should be an ND graduate or candidate of an accredited four-year naturopathic school.
Papers submitted for the competition may not be submitted to other publications or have previously been published.
All entries must be submitted by Nov. 20, 2016.

Send papers to with a subject line of "Paper for Best of Naturopathic Medicine 2017".