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Since 1983, Townsend Letter has been publishing a print alternative medicine magazine. As a forum for the entire alternative medicine community, we present scientific information on a wide variety of alternative medicine topics —including EDTA Chelation Therapy.

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AugSept 2015 issue alternative medicine magazine

From this issue of our Alternative Medicine Magazine

  • Probiotics vs. Heavy Metals: A Win for the Good Guys
    by Bob Frost

  • The Integrative Cancer Toolbox
    by Mary Budinger

  • Cancer and Lyme Disease: Is there a Connection?
    by Nooshin K. Darvish, ND, FICT

  • Targeting the IGF-1 Pathways
    by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO

  • Let's Talk About Sex: The Effects of Prostate Cancer on Sex, Men, and Their Relationships
    by Daniel Lander, ND FABNO

  • Book Review
    Less Medicine, More Health
    by H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH
    review by Ira L. Goodman, MD, FACS, ABIHM, FAARM

  • Anti-Aging Medicine
    An Anti-Aging Approach to Cancer
    Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, and Robert Goldman, MD, PhD, DO

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Kirkland physician Dr. Jonathan Collin and his wife, Deborah Nissen-Collin.

Local physician receives two awards from Emord and Associates
September 15, 2014

Kirkland physician and editor and publisher of the Townsend Letter was presented with two awards from Emord and Associates. Dr. Jonathan Collin received the Excellence in Integrative Medicine award and the Excellence in Medical Journalism award during the Sacred Fire of Liberty Gala Sept. 5-6 in Cambridge, Maryland.
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NIH Trial Gives Surprising Boost To Chelation Therapy (Offsite link)
With a result that is likely to surprise and baffle much of the mainstream medical community,
a large NIH-sponsored trial has turned up the first substantial evidence in support of
chelation therapy for patients with coronary disease.

A Timeline for EDTA Chelation Therapy as a Treatment for Vascular Disease
by Terry Chappell, John Trowbridge, and Michael Schachter

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