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May 2007
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Letter from the Publisher
by Jonathan Collin, MD

Metabolic Syndrome X – As Defined Through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Patterns
by Dr. David L. Watts
Online publication only

Losing Weight and Building Muscle Despite Diabetes: Alternative Therapies Make It Possible
by Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH, FACN
Alternative therapies can complement conventional treatments, ultimately allowing the patient to become less dependent on medical interventions. Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt offers protocol recommendations and argues that measuring body composition, particularly muscle mass, is a firm indicator of treatment success.

Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease: All Roads Lead Through Altered Insulin Signaling
by Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB
Both diabetes and cardiovascular disease are complex, multifaceted disorders, characterized by a range of symptoms associated with insulin resistance. Dietary changes alone can't fully address the corresponding physiological distress, but specific selective kinase response modulating phytochemicals are proving effective in improving insulin sensitivity.

Naturopathic Approaches to Diabetic Kidney Disease
by Alex Tan, ND, and Jacob Leone, ND
Controlling high blood sugar and hypertension is essential in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy. In this article, the authors review naturopathic therapies – prevention, diet, smoking cessation, and supplement use – that address these central challenges and promote and restore good health.

The Marshall Protocol for Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions
by J.C. Waterhouse, PhD
In this second installment on the Marshall Protocol, Dr. Joyce Waterhouse offers scientific background and case histories, illustrating the effectiveness of the protocol in treating a wide range of inflammatory diseases, including Lyme disease and diseases associated with aging.

Metabolic Syndrome, Syndrome X: Syndrome Y, Z…
by Stephen Holt, MD
In this comprehensive article, Dr. Holt widens the definition of metabolic syndrome to include not just obesity, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia, but also other diseases connected to insulin resistance, and he suggests specific lifestyle, dietary, and nutritional interventions – and weight control measures, in particular – to prevent and treat the wider spectrum of these metabolic syndromes.

The Use of Lymphocyte Proliferation Assay and Cytokine Production in Seronegative Patients with Lyme Arthritis or Neuroborreliosis
by Aristo Vojdani, PhD, CLS; Bernard T. Raxlen, MD; Shirley Scott, MD
Many patients suspected of having Lyme disease nonetheless test negative for Borrelia burgdorferi antibodies, eliminating a clear diagnosis and crucial treatment options. In Part Two, the authors continue their evaluation of a new, more sensitive laboratory assay, one that can support the diagnosis of Lyme in some seronegative patients.

Lipid Replacement and Antioxidant Supplements to Prevent Membrane Oxidation and Restore Mitochondrial Function in Metabolic Syndrome and Fatiguing Illnesses
by Prof. Garth L. Nicolson
Oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage underlie a wide range of disease states, including metabolic syndrome and correlating conditions such as diabetes. Dr. Nicolson introduces Townsend Letter readers to Lipid Replacement Therapy – a promising nutritional supplement with antioxidants – which can "prevent excess oxidative membrane damage, restore mitochondrial membrane function, and reduce fatigue in a variety of clinical conditions," including metabolic syndrome.

Dietary Aloe Vera Supplementation & Glycemic Control in Diabetes
by Ken Jones
In recent studies, Aloe vera has proven a promising agent for controlling blood sugar and reducing oxidative stress, a potential boon for both diabetics and cardiovascular disease patients.


briefed by Jule Klotter

Health Risks & Environmental Issues
by Rose Marie Williams, MA

War on Cancer
by Ralph Moss, PhD

Townsend's New York Observer
by Marcus A. Cohen

Literature Review & Commentary
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Pathways to Healing
by Elaine Zablocki

Web Page Potpourri
by Marjorie Roswell

Chelating Corner
by Eleonore Blaurock-Busch

Phytotherapy Review & Commentary
by Kerry Bone, FNIMH

Therapeutic Nutrition
by Gina Nick, PhD, ND

Oxygen Homeostasis
by Majid Ali, MD

Quantum Medicine Update
by Paul Yanick, Jr., PhD

Healing with Homeopathy
by Judyth-Reichenberg Ullman and Robert Ullman, NDs

Acupuncture & Moxibustion
by Honora Lee Wolfe, DiplAc, LicAc

Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology Review & Commentary
by Robert A. Anderson, MD

Women's Health Update
by Tori Hudson, ND

Nutritional Influences on Illness
Treating Diabetes Mellitus with Minerals, Part One
by Melvyn Werbach, MD


Does Pollution Cause Diabetes?

Cod Liver Oil as a Suitable Source of Vitamin D

Letters to the Editor

Pipeline to Disease

Carbonyl Groups Past and Present

In the News

San Francisco Massage Therapist Develops New Treatment that Makes Stretching Effortless

American Diabetes Services Supports the Fight for Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Standard Process Commits $250,000+ to Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Is the Use of MP3 Players Now the Premier Cause of Tinnitus and Hearing Loss?

MBVax Bioscience Revives Century-Old "Coley's Toxins"


Just a Little Too Thin
by Michael Strober, PhD and Meg Schneider, MA, LMSW
review by Katherine Duff

Coyote Wisdom
by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD
review by Jule Klotter

Naturopathic Nutrition
by Abram Hoffer, PhD, MD, FRCP and Jonathan Prousky, BPHE, BSc, ND, FRSH
review by Irene Alleger


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