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From the Townsend Letter
December 2017

Cannabinoid Deficiency and Its Impact on Human Health and Disease, Part 4
by Jonn Desnoes, OMD, MD, PhD, and Sandra Kischuk, MSMIS, MCPM
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A century ago, medical science did not know of the existence of the endocannabinoid system or the role cannabinoids played in the health of the human body. No longer. D Sulak, in his discussion of the endocannabinoid system on the Norml website, dedicated to reforming marijuana law, noted, "The endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health."8 Cannabinoid deficiency has consequences as insidious as any parasitic disease or cancer, laying low and silently destroying health for decades; as consuming as any bacterial or fungal enemy; and as treacherous as any virus hijacking its host's DNA.
The saddest fact is that the cause of this condition is man-made and politically induced. But, this is nothing new. Even in the 21st century, it is a fact that those who are not medical professionals can be jailed for practicing medicine if they provide advice on health issues, no matter how accurate or helpful. It is also well-known that proponents of alternative medical treatments are often hounded by the government until they willingly stop promoting their ideas, get arrested and incarcerated, or suffer financial destruction through the actions of its agents. Yet, how much of the "conventional" medical care people receive worldwide is dictated by political convenience, powerful individuals with "agendas," megalithic chemical corporations, and profit-crazed insurance companies? If I were not a medical professional, I could be arrested for recommending or denying appropriate medical treatment. Yet, every day, insurance companies decide what treatments patients can or cannot get. Is this not practicing medicine?
Even the government can decide, not only whether Medicare will or will not cover a procedure, but whether a patient can or cannot get a desired procedure, even if the patient is willing to pay for it out of his or her own pocket. Is it any wonder that in the years 2014 to 2016, Forbes, Time Magazine, WebMD, NBCNews, CBS News, and The Washington Post reported that the United States had the worst, most expensive healthcare in the developed world?
Researched NutritionalsGreed, which stems from illogical, infantile, and irrational fear of privation; obsession with controlling others; and an unbridled hunger for power combined with medical ignorance produced legislation that should never have been enacted. The prohibition of hemp and its related compounds created consequences that have produced needless pain and suffering, unnecessary hardship, and the destruction of the lives of millions of people. The time is long overdue for this criminal act that has been imposed upon humanity to be reversed, and the injustice and needless suffering be brought to an end.
It is time we take a second look at what makes sense and move away from the hysterical "Reefer Madness" mindset. Cannabis has hundreds of chemical components, including some which are exclusive to that plant and that plant alone. We already know of the powerful effect of some of these on treating pain, inflammation, and even cancer. We need to look more closely at everything this plant has to offer and to make it available to those people whose lives it can rebuild and restore. To do anything less is inhumane. To deny hope for a cure is evil.
If we can clarify a complex, emotionally and politically charged subject using unbiased, science-based information; if we can enlighten minds with facts and a new understanding of how the human body works; and if we can demonstrate the wisdom of using a simple God-given plant our bodies were designed to use to restore health; then perhaps we can set in place legislation that is fair and sensitive to peoples' needs, that does not place profits above human welfare, and that frees people from unnecessary pain and  disease.

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References, Part 4 .pdf

Sir Jonn Desnoes, OMD, MD, PhD, is a physician, who is board certified in homeopathy and Chinese medicine. He is a former nationally syndicated radio talk show host, writer, researcher, athlete, and visionary. He was knighted for his humanitarian work as a medical missionary.
Jonn became interested in the study of cannabis and its health-restoring properties when a friend gave him a bottle of CBD hemp oil. He had suffered with intractable back pain for years as a result of multiple sports injuries incurred over 30 years as an athlete. Within 20 minutes of taking the CBD oil, his excruciating pain stopped. He has found that, as long as he continues to take the oil, he is virtually pain-free.

Sandra Kischuk, BSBA, MSMIS, MCPM, is a writer, editor, life coach, Toastmaster, and master gardener. Author of Fighting the Dragon: How I Beat Multiple Sclerosis, Sandra's writing interests include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scripts, and other people's résumés. She has written web content for physicians, informational/marketing literature for attorneys, and continuing education courses for dental professionals, and edited professional communications and doctoral theses on subjects as diverse as religion, education, engineering, and psychology.

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