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Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients'
October 2004
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Letter from the Publisher

Autism is Treatable: Hope That is Real, Treatments That Heal
by Lisa Reagan
The rapidly growing epidemic of brain-injured children, particularly autism, is hardly acknowledged by conventional medicine. Nutritional and metabolic issues are addressed effectively in this article.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Darkfield, Enzymes & Schizophrenia
by Harold Steinberg, DC, CCN, DACBN and Marjana Tracy, BA, RN Candidate
The innovative use of enzymes, darkfield microscopy, and vitamin supplementation leads to a marked improvement in a schizophrenic patient.

Food/Chemical Allergies: An Original Discovery
by Alan Hunter, PhD, MBRCP
After exploring a large number of therapies over 30 years for a solution to his allergic symptoms, this author's discovery of reduced blood flow after ingesting an allergenic food, led to an astonishing discovery involving parasites, fever, and natural diet.

Integrative Orthopedics and Vitamin D: Testing, Administration, & New Relevance in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain
by Alex Vasquez, DC, ND
Vitamin D is in the spotlight these days. Here is new evidence that Vitamin D may provide protection from several serious diseases.

Urinary Organic Acid Analysis: A Powerful Clinical Tool
by Mark Newman, MS, Shalima Gordon, BSc, ND and Raymond M. Suen, MT (ASCP)
This scientific study shows that Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) remains the "gold standard" for organic acid analysis. The clinical applications now include the option of sending the test lab a dried urine sample, providing more stability and convenience.

100 Years of Medical Robbery
by Dale Steinreich, Ludwig von Mises Institute
The anti-competition strategies and greed of the AMA is even more reprehensible than we thought. This carefully documented review of their history may awaken some readers.

Emanuel Revici, MD: Efforts to Publish the Clinical Findings of a Pioneer in Lipid-Based Cancer Therapy – Part 2
by Marcus A. Cohen
The second in this series of articles on Emanuel Revici reviews his publishing (or non-publishing) history and the unprincipled people who used their power to stifle medical innovation.

Seeking Spanish Secrets of Health and Longevity
by Morton Walker, DPM
A truly romantic tour of Spain with its sunlit beauty and healthful olive oil production. Could geography be important for health?


briefed by Jule Klotter

The War on Cancer
Intravenous Vitamin C
by Ralph W. Moss, PhD

Literature Review & Commentary
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Pathways to Healing
Dillard Offers Unique View of Healing Process
by Elaine Zablocki

Health Risks & Environmental Issues
Irradiated School Lunch Update
by Rose Marie Williams, MA

Townsend's New York Observer
The Impact of Medical Censorship on Patient Care: Part 2
by Marcus A. Cohen

Healing with Homeopathy
Homeopathy: A Drug-Free Answer for Panic Attacks
by Judyth Reichenberg and Robert Ullman, NDs

Chinese Medicine Update
Phobic Disorders & Chinese Medicine
by Bob Flaws, Dipl. Ac & CH, FNAAOM, FRCHM

Phytotherapy Review & Commentary
by Kerry Bone, FNIMH, FNHAA

Therapeutic Nutrition
Inositol as a Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders
by Gina Nick, PhD

Naturopathic Perspectives
Approaches to Anxiety
by Jason Barker, ND and Chris Meletis, ND

Oxygen Homeostasis
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapies: Recent Insights into Oxystatic and Antimicrobial Actions
by Majid Ali, MD

Quantum Medicine Update
Innate Healing Enhancement in Anxiety Disorders and MCS
by Paul Yanick, Jr., PhD

Highly Effective Treatments for Pain and Fatigue
You Can Be Happy – No Matter What!
by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Ding De-zheng's Acupuncture Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
by Honora Lee Wolfe, Dipl. Ac., Lic. Ac., FNAAOM

Chinese Medicine Update
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) & Chinese Medicine
by Bob Flaws, Dipl. Ac & CH, FNAAOM, FRCHM

Web Page Potpourri
by Marjorie Roswell

Women's Health Update
Research News
by Tori Hudson, ND

Nutritional Influences on Illness
Anxiety and the Vitamin B Complex
by Melvyn R. Werbach, MD


Natural Remedies for Anxiety
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Guest Editorial
Homeopathy Can Benefit Patients with OCD
by Daniel Ko, ND

In the News


Letters to the Editor

The Dairy Connection to Human Illness

School Children at Increased Aspartame Risk

Cervical Cancer Prevented by the Diaphragm

Vitamin D Testing and Supplementation

Alkalinizing Diet for Anemia

Effective Alternative Cancer Treatments Suppressed

How Can We Cure Anxieties?

Attention Deficit Disorder Blessing? or Disorder?

Fluoride Controversy

Atkins Diet May Cause Increase in Heart Attacks and Cancer

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: The Statistics Game


Optimum Nutrition for the Mind
by Patrick Holford
review by Irene Alleger

Emotional Healing with Homeopathy
by Peter Chappell
review by Irene Alleger

The Power of Intuition
by Judith Orloff, MD
The Natural Laws of Self-Healing
by Gerald Epstein, MD
review by Jule Klotter

Your Genetic Destiny
by Aubrey Milunsky, MD, DSc
review by Katherine Duff

The Wicca Herbal – Recipes, Magick and Abundance
by Jamie Wood
review by Irene Alleger

Messages from Water
by Masuru Emoto
review by Beatrice Trum Hunter

Health Care Meltdown
by Robert H. LeBow, MD
review by Pat Johnson


The Definitive Biography of America's Lobotomist

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