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November 2007


A New "Light" on Color Light Therapy:
Visual Color Therapy and the Effect on Disease Conditions
by Harold Steinberg DC, CCN, DABCN

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On 6/16, Mr. B. a client with eczema was seen, with what he said was the worse condition he had ever had. This outbreak may have been a result of stress due to work and family issues. Figures 5a, 5b, 5c, and 6 show Mr. B's condition before treatment. The light source used was "CHROMA" lemon. The "CHROMA" lemon released a large amount of impurities into his blood system (Figure 6a). The "CHROMA" violet reduced his adrenal stress, as seen in his dried blood slide (Figure 6b). The central part of a dried blood sample will show adrenal stress. We also noticed an increased kidney activity after the two light treatments (each for ten minutes). We did a follow-up on 6/19/06, using Lemon for ten minutes, followed with ten minutes on Violet. These released more inflammation into the blood. A follow-up was done on 6/22/06. On a fast, the use of Lemon for 12 minutes released much inflammation into the blood system. This was followed with 12 minutes with Violet, which released more inflammation into the blood system. The treatments reduced the redness and eliminated the itching (Figures 7a, 7b). Figures 8a and 8b show the live blood improvements.

Figure 5a – Before Treatment


Figure 5b – Before Treatment


Figure 5c – Before Treatment


Figure 6 –Live blood Before Treatment


Figure 6a – First Treatment with Lemon – Released Impurities


Figure 6b – Dried Blood - Stress Reduced


Figure 7a – Reduced Inflammation with Violet


Figure 7b – Healing with Violet


Figure 8a – Live Blood After Violet


Figure 8b – Live Blood Enlarged After Violet


Figure 8c – 3 Violet Treatments

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November 6, 2007

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