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From the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients
November 2005


The Detoxification Secrets and Healing Powers of Water
Paul Yanick, Jr., Ph.D
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Paul YanickNever before has the need for cleansing and hydrating the body with water been so vital in maintaining health and vitality in a polluted world. Effective—and safe—detoxification requires water that has a highly dynamic and oscillatory nature. In the pristine natural environment there is an energetic interchange between water and the oscillatory patterns of nature. Ideally, water should interact with the body—not like the parts in a machine, but like the instruments in a symphony orchestra combining their tenor, volume, and resonance to create beautiful music. The harmonics of water resonate in unison with the crystalline structures of the body in the nanotesla range of biophotons where life-sustaining qi orchestrates innate healing.1,2

In the polluted environment, rainwater falling through the air is mixed with harmful gases and environmental pollutants. This falling water collects in brooks and rivers and in drinking wells. Homeopathic dilutions of many environmental toxins at very high potencies have permeated the sub-molecular structure of our drinking water. Sadly water purification methods fail to erase the memory or imprint of these toxins in water and restore water's dynamic crystalline resonances. When used to detoxify the body, water of such quality induces and promotes prolonged inflammation and pain, skin and kidney disorders, and other symptoms.

Ideally, water should work through all seven channels of elimination: Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Bowel, Blood, Skin, and Lymph to achieve the balance between nutrient uptake and toxin excretion. The body is designed to eliminate toxins with natural water that is sensitive to the polarities of nature or the yin and yang of energy flow. Water should have both positive and negative polarities with oscillatory waveforms that mimic nature. Such a process can be achieved via flexoelectric (liquid crystal) implosion techniques that mimic the inward (centripetal) motion or the spiraling whirling path (vortex). In this manner, a waterfall effect is simulated as water flows with gravity against resistances causing its magnetic dipoles to be re-structured by the resonances of earth-borne magnetism and gemstones to create an energy-frequency field of immense proportions.

Water loses its original energy polarities through friction in the pipes or exposure to electrical or strong magnetic fields that exceed the earth's weak magnetic field of .5 gauss. Electrified or strongly magnetized water (above .5 gauss) becomes stale and powerless. To be utilized by the body, it must drain the energy field and strip the body of its innate polarities. The loss of water's polarities equates with a loss of its energy level and it can only carry information in the below 60 hertz range. Water in its natural state carries information in the exahertz range where it influences the DNA-Meridian interface or ground regulation system (GRS) and hydrates the body's sub-molecular world. Most of today's drinking water is in hertz range and depletes the functions of the body's excretion organs increasing systemic toxicity and causing prolonged inflammation that results in:

  • Faulty signaling pathways that impair immune system function and result in impaired self-tolerance, accelerated lymphocyte death, and defective disposal of apoptotic cells and the self-antigens they produce.
  • Aberrant cell signaling caused by systemic toxicity triggers carcinogenesis and deferral of DNA repair mechanisms.

Magnetized or electrically-treated water is stimulatory in nature and depletes the human energy system, as it adds life-restricting and frequency-scrambling information to the body's genetic world. Since the effect is cumulative, the health outcome is not realized for years until the depletion of vital elements is beyond the body's capacity to compensate for it and systemic toxicity reaches a point of no return, causing life-threatening illnesses.

When water suffers an extremely high loss of energy and frequency, it leeches the missing resonances back from the body's governing vessel and conception vessel meridian polarities slowing down or halting repair and regeneration in the body (see my previous column to understand the importance of these meridian polarities in the activation or deactivation of innate healing in the body).

Water as a Unique Signaling System and Protective Barrier to Infection
Water emits and absorbs oscillations that are distributed to the body at faster-than-light speeds. It has an immediate affinity to vibrational resonances and the unique ability to conduct this energy into the body's multidimensional anatomy. When water is void of resonant information in the exahertz or 1022 frequency range, it may interfere with the accelerating and decelerating forces of the body's regulatory functions. Most importantly, in the lower hertz range, water can cause a single bacterium to generate 100,000 bacteria in just 48 hours. Studies on elevating the resonant frequency of water document that water above the gigahertz range and into the exahertz range of frequencies provides a protective barrier against microbial overgrowth.3–5, 13–14

The body's internal regulation and communication system—involving hormones, neurotransmitters, hormone-like molecules, and biophotons—actually determines how efficiently the body cleanses and rebalances itself following addictions, trauma, stress, or oxidative (toxic) insults. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., cellular biologist at Stanford University documented that cell-to-cell biocommunication is regulated by resonance specificity. Cell membranes scan and convert signals into electromagnetic events as proteins within the cell's bi-layer change shape to vibrations or specific resonant frequencies.6 For example, when healthy resonances are deficient between the medulla oblongata and the coccyx (governing vessel meridian) from stimulatory substances, meridians are constricted and leak life force out of the body.

Physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig documented that water has a memory and can store frequencies and transfer coherent information to living organisms.11 The degree of dilution into sub-molecular and molecular structures is dependent on the coherence of water (only possible at exahertz frequencies).12 Distillation and other purification methods spiral the resonance of water downward disrupting hydrogen bonds and structure as evidenced by relaxed time spectrum analysis measurement techniques. The hydration envelope of water with hydrogen-oxygen atom bonding is best when water is coherent in the exahertz range.

Biophotonic Water Provides a Natural Cleansing and Nourishment Enhancement System
Water has a complex dynamic structure with a fractal pattern (a fact that helped me develop a mathematical model to explain homeopathy and revitalize water with appropriate exahertz resonances). Indeed, Samuel Hahneman," the founder of homeopathy, called illness an alteration of bioinformation that occurs at the energetic level where the human energy system comes in contact with the physical body. Homeopathy reflects the progressive refinement of the quality of information held in the organizational patterns of water which can be designed to cancel out toxic or unfavorable chaotic oscillations. It is the biophoton-holding properties of water that allow the signature of homeopathic signals to effectively take the place of chemicals. Indeed, homeopathy is already widely used and accepted as a means to regulate biophysical processes energetically, without chemicals.29

Ideally, water must harmonize with the crystalline structures of the GRS, a living matrix where many systems of the body intersect and become interwoven to coordinate many facets of human physiology. Active substances—going in and out of cells or the capillaries—depend on these resonances to shift subtle electrical currents and create molecular-ionic shifts that contribute to the functional unity of the body.

When the GRS and lymphatic system become stagnant, pools of waste build up and promote the rapid spread of infection throughout the body. Foci develop in these "dump sites" and organs and structures in the vicinity of these foci become strained and weakened. In turn, functional deficits in organ performance result as the reservoir of undesirable microbial growth disrupts one's organizational integrity and ability to coordinate, cleanse, and repair damaged physiology.

When the lymphatic system is congested, misdirected meridian energy—energy spun off in tangential, incoherent ways—may be dissipated and lost. While an acupuncturist's needle can redirect the flow of energy in a specific channel or meridian, the overall pattern of energy flow may not improve or become stabilized until the GRS-lymphatic interface is cleansed, hydrated, and energized with the correct structure and resonances in water.

Since the general oscillatory pattern of water is sensitive to environmental influences, a properly configured resonator matrix could amplify water's signals and raise them to higher frequencies and energetic levels. Exploiting this insight, technology was developed to mimic a clean, natural environment, erase the homeopathic imprints of toxic incoherent information and restore nanotesla wavelengths to drinking water. Just like giving a cell phone receiver a certain capacitance and inductance to generate signals at a desired frequency; likewise endowing a resonating circuit with the correct parameters allows it to respond and receive missing exahertz resonances, lost in polluted and treated water.
Spurred by my earlier discoveries of using coherent oscillatory energies to boost nutrient uptake and enhance systemic detoxification, I discovered a new fundamental principle on which to focus: zero-point energy (ZPE). 2, 9, 15, 34

Toward a Zero-Point Field: The Healthiest and Most Desirable State of Water
The quantum of all energy is the biophoton. Water at ZPE is highly coherent, giving off high quantities of biophoton resonances that help the body integrate, master, and move past a particular energetic pattern of disorganization. It provides superior lymphatic detoxification that breaks up polarized or segmented energy patterns and reprograms disordered energy patterns, increasing the efficiency of all physiological functions.
Water at ZPE restores quantum coherence, clearing up toxic information in water and allowing a DNA-generated biophoton orchestration of the body's defense and repair routines with amazing efficiency and accuracy. A growing number of Nobel laureates in biophoton research found that the orchestration of biophotons (like tuning forks) resonate together in sync, producing quantum effects at ZPE (the healthiest and most desirable state of light emissions).1–2, 33, 36

DNA-guided biophoton signals flow throughout the body with awe-inspiring speed as they encode and transfer information. Stated simply, the magnitude of DNA's coherence, determines how quickly the patient responds to treatment or to diet and nutrition. With quantum coherence, the magnitude of inner healing is gigantic because innate intelligence is allowed to operate more fully and with a greater functional unity of all bodily systems. According to McTaggert, who interviewed the world's most advanced physicists, profound insights into the nature of illness or ability to evoke self-healing and regeneration may be evident at the ZPE.36

The key to organization of the human energy field depends on the organism's ability to store and maintain coherent energy needed for self-healing and repair within its life cycles.18–20 This unparalleled insight is based on solid research that indicates how coherent energy can be mobilized within the organism with minimum dissipation. In the quantum medical model, accelerated tissue and molecular aging is viewed as a buildup of too much incoherent energy with resultant weak biophoton emissions that lead to faulty electron transfer functions, unstable molecular defenses, nutrient depletion, and oxidative stress. Like a child trying to run the wrong way on a moving sidewalk, weak biophotons are traveling as fast as they can but they don't get very far in regulating the body.
Quantum coherence accounts for how phase-coordinated electrical activities occur in widely separated parts of the brain.21–25 Biological rhythms are controlled a quantum superposition of coherent activities via acupuncture meridian circuits. Coherent water exchanges in the body are ultrasensitive to weak (less than .5 gauss) magnetic fields and must contain specific high frequency resonances that assist the body in regulating many facets of human physiology.

ZPE techniques enhance nutrient assimilation and utilization. By establishing quantum coherence—a cooperative harmony between the cells allows all systems of the body to work in concert with one another—boosting nutrient uptake and ridding the body of harmful toxins occurs with ease.2,9,15,34 Clearly, when nutrient uptake is upregulated in this manner, weaker physiological systems and organs are strengthened by being more adequately nourished and energized. And, the encoding, transmission, reception and decoding of bioinformation take place more efficiently.

ZPE water promotes and imparts power to the organism by allowing subatomic, atomic, and molecular organization by balancing the body's yin-yang polarities and facilitating total body cleansing of environmental toxins. Preliminary experiments with ZPE-treated water versus other forms of treated or purified water demonstrate superior detoxification with a dramatic increase in urinary excreted toxins and a profound balancing of the body's yin-yang polarities. Patients who drank this water had darker and toxic urine (brown, orange, green) for a few weeks while those drinking other types of water had light-colored urine and yang kidney functions. While more studies are needed, these preliminary findings suggest that the correct spectrum of biophoton information in water can change the ability of water to hydrate the quantic domain of life.1,2 In this fashion, the vibrational information in water can be assimilated in a coordinated fashion into specific anatomical, chakra, and meridians to cleanse and stabilize the body.

Today's polluted world requires that practitioners cleanse the sick and debilitated body. Without a proper water source, toxins merely circulate around the body and are deposited elsewhere. Moreover, toxins are not released from the GRS, a feat that requires techniques that go beyond current water clustering, ionization, or other methods of shifting the redox potential or pH of water. 2, 9, 15, 34

Quantumized Water is the Ideal Liquid Crystal that Creates Resilience to all Stressors
While many view stress as being solely emotional in origin, the body reacts to physical, electromagnetic, chemical, nutritional, and microbial stress in the same manner: the excessive release of stress hormones, the over activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the depletion of coherent energy, and the disruption of meridian polarities all cause a great deal of wear and tear on the body. The body's homeostatic systems (autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and meridian system) become worn out and unable to adapt or halt physiological activities after the closure of a stressful event or a toxic exposure.

ZPE water—a liquid crystal state of high frequency biophoton information—is flexoelectric. One way to simulate the flexoelectric optic effect is by the rotation of the optic axis between the crossed polarities to create a switching effect to change a negative right spin to a positive left spin. It is well known that the phases of liquid crystals are smectic with deliberate positional ordering of the molecules and oscillation patterns in well defined layers. When the molecules of each respective layer are tilted with respect to the core oscillation layer, the oscillation patterns can amplify receptive frequencies that resonate with their respective pattern or patterns all the way down to the DNA of the body.

The foundational principles of quantum medicine™ relate to the fact that if DNA's biophoton output is increased and more coherent, organ-meridian resonance specificity can expand the human energy field and protect it against a chaotic world of never-ending foreign frequencies and stressors.17,35 Reestablishing quantum coherence improves organ-meridian regulation at faster-than-light speeds, allowing the body to fully engage its innate healing powers with ease and without interference (at this point in our research we are finding that ZPE water appears to be immune to any negative environmental interferences and stays coherent despite extreme exposures to radiation and toxic information).

So far, tuning flexoelectric-resonator configurations toward a ZPE in the exahertz range appears to be contagious, moving from cells to conglomerates of cells (organs) and to the brain at lightning speeds. Higher cognitive processes result from and interact with the ZPE where biophotons oscillate and orchestrate all bodily processes.24–33 Benveniste listened to these oscillations, noting that every molecule was playing a note that combined in unison to produce a symphony,29 a symphony that some experts believe entwines us with nature.31 After several decades of research on water, I am convinced it is our most powerful connection to nature.

The ability to respond appropriately to a wide range of stressors in a way that maintains equilibrium determines one's level of health. Sickness is the manifestation of an unstable process, a pattern of disharmonic resonances that causes energy stagnation (Qi Tai) a process that diminishes innate healing. When energy channels become obstructed, one's resilience to stress diminishes and energy levels drop. Rather than correct the cause of these energy drops, many practitioners try to spike energy levels with herbs, synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals or regulate the body artificially in the chemical or low frequency mode with addictive drugs, beverages, and electrically or magnetically-treated water. A lack of sunlight, fresh air, clean water, and exposure to healthy resonances contributes to this unstable process. Yet, when nourished with the correct resonances, the human body knows best how to keep itself in equilibrium, and how to balance itself when that equilibrium is disrupted. Clearly, the body's restorative secrets are intrinsically linked to its ability to expand and exploit its myriad resources at ZPE.36 Enhancing quantum coherence provides resilience to stressors, making us stronger, healthier, and better.

In summary, the ideal drinking water should be coherent, contain life-supporting resonances and the earth's magnetic energies, have low surface tension with vortex spin motion, and possess a high Bovis potential.1,2,33 Indigenous herbal wisdom along with incredible breakthroughs in the upregulation of nutrient uptake and crisis-free detoxification, help to re-establish the functional unity of body's innate healing systems so they are quickly harmonized or balanced.

Mimicking nature's wisdom in water revitalization synchronizes quantum fluctuations and creates an amplified crystalline resonant field that can augment detoxification and nutrient uptake by propelling nutrients deep within the cells of the body.30–33 Nourishing the body with healthy resonances presents a plausible scientific theory regarding novels ways to enhance electron transfer functions and stabilize molecular defenses to reduce oxidative stress in the sub-molecular realm (where homeopathy has already shown us powerful methodologies to control and regulate biochemical reactions). The study of water as a therapeutic tool offers a new avenue for understanding human physiology and promises to expand the horizons of alternative medicine in the future.

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