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From the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients
June 2004
Letter to the Editor
Coley's Toxins
Our June 2004 cover
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I hope to persuade you to run Helen Nauts'
Coley Toxins—The First Century, written in 1993, one hundred years after Dr. Coley had cured his first hopeless cancer patient with Coley Toxins in 1893. Helen Nauts was Coley's daughter. She founded Cancer Research Institute in 1953.

In 1934 a prominent cancer surgeon from Massachusetts General Hospital, Ereest Codman had for over 20 years been a detractor of Coley Toxins and Coley. In 1934, two years before Coley's death, he did an about-face and had words of praise for Coley and for Coley's Toxins, saying there had been occasional miracles but not infrequent miracles in treating cancer with Coley's Toxins. Coley had many supporters — among them the Mayo brothers — but his detractors were legion including his superior at Memorial Hospital, now Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, Dr. James Ewing.

The First Century and you will get the idea that when Coley's Toxins was used over a period of several months producing a fever of 103° to 104°, the cure rate in solid malignant tumors was close to 50%.

Had Coley's Toxins been accepted and used as a standard practice in treating cancer, there might have been a few million cancer patients who died of cancer over the past century who would have gotten well and lived to old age. The American Cancer Society was formed in 1913 and became an enemy of Coley's Toxins.

Coley's Toxins done by intravenous infusion is by far more effective in producing strong fever reactions and Coley knew this to be the case but there was the idea then that nothing should be put in the vein. Also there was the fear that an overdose could cause death. Now a rectal suppository of Tylenol can turn off a reaction if it gets too severe.

By combining the precaution of having Tylenol on hand while doing intravenous infusions of Coley's Toxins, it should be possible to get better results in treating cancer than Coley and others had.

If the patient has a vein port put in, treatment with Coley's Toxins can be done at home as self-medication, making possible vast reductions in the cost of treatment.

In 1995 I went to Guatemala and found a bacteriologist and gave him $800 to make 2,000cc of Coley's Toxins. About six months ago I was able to get 600cc of that vaccine and I gave it to my friend, Glen Wilcoxson, MD.

Meanwhile, I found a doctor in Guatemala who owned a small hospital. For $1,000 he would put patients up in his hospital for 30 days and give them 20 IVs of Coley's Toxins. A woman from near Pittsburgh had called me by phone. She had ovarian cancer with a CA 125 of 6,200. She was badly swollen and in great distress. I do not know how she made the trip. On getting 20 IVs of Coley's Toxins over a 30-day period, the swelling was gone and her CA 125 was reduced to 2,100. She felt much better.

At about that time someone told the Minister of Health that the American Cancer Society had Coley's Toxins listed as a quack cancer treatment and treatment of cancer with Coley's Toxins was banned from use in Guatemala.

At the same time, the late Dr. Don Carrow, following my instructions, made a lot of Coley's Toxins. He had a 50 year-old nurse who had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma with a tumor the size of a football under one arm. Dr. Carrow injected his Coley's Toxins into the center of the big tumor. It shrank down to a flabby bag and was excised. That was eight years ago and last year the patient was alive and free from cancer. Dr. Carrow then had problems with the State Board.

Dr. Wilcoxson last year had a patient with a tumor the size of a chicken egg on his neck thought to be a metastasis from a primary in a tonsil. He did IVs and the tumor injections. That tumor is gone now.

Dr. Wilcoxson has a new cancer patient now. The patient is a young man from Tennessee. He has osteogenic sarcoma. He suffered amputation and has two lung metastases. Chemotherapy did no good. He was in Dr. Wilcoxson's office for one day only. He was very sick. He had his first IV of Coley's Toxins. He and a nurse returned home and for 30 days the nurse has been doing IVs of Coley's Toxins every second day. He is getting reactions of 104° F which is very good. After 30 days he is feeling better, is eating better and has gained 4 lbs of weight.

Meanwhile, Richard Masion, MD of Powell, Ohio had made contact with me and had made his first lot of Coley's Toxins and tested it on himself. He is going to give some of it to Dr. Wilcoxson for use on his sarcoma patient.

Wayne Martin
Fax 251-928-0150




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