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From the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients
June 2003
Letter to the Editor
Coriolus versicolor Supplementation Study as Adjunct Nutrition in 30 Solid Tumour Cancer Patients
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Attached please find the final draft of Dr. Kenyon's non-controlled observational study on the use of Coriolus versicolor (non-extracted) in 30 solid tumour cancer patients. The final report will be published in the February edition of Mycology News 7.
The patients were Stage III and Stage IV patients in which chemotherapy and radiotherapy were not considered successful. Below please find a synopsis of patient type.

Table 1
Patients by Tumour Type and Secondary Tumors

Secondary Tumors
Number of Secondaries
Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Prostate Cancer
Bowel Carcinoma
Breast Cancer
Died During Study

The Coriolus supplementation was a biomass of the mycelia and primordial grown on a sterile substrate. Presentation was in tablets (1 tablet = 500 mg) and the schedule is given below:

Table II
Coriolus versicolor Supplementation Schedule

  Grams per Day
1 Month 1 4.5
2 Month 2 9.0
3 Month 3 13.5
4 Month 4 13.5

Using the data points in 27 patients at day 0, 60 and 120, the objective of the study was to measure the average change in four parameters over the 120 period. The results were the following:

Table III
Summary of Results

  Day 0 Day 60 Day 120 Average Change
1 Telomerase 1727 1034 417 -75.9%
2 Interleukin 5* 22540 28516 4482 -80.1%
3 Interleukin 12* 13931 20968 29489 111.7%
Tumour Necrosis Factor        
4 Beta*(1) 27777 26113 31713 14.2%

Dr. Kenyon felt that the results confirmed not only a general immune support function but an increasing TH1 immune response which is beneficial in such patient groups.
The average cost of Coriolus supplementation to a patient would be $560 over 16 weeks or $35 per week or $5.00 per day.

William Ahern, Managing Director
Mycology Research Laboratories
Bank House, Brough, East Yorkshire
HU15 1EF, United Kingdom
Telephone 44-1482-667-634
Fax 44-1482-667-859

Dr. Kenyon operates the Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine located in Hockley Mill Stables, Church Lane, Twyford, Hants, SO21 1NT, United Kingdom; telephone 44-1962-718-000;

Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd. supplied the Coriolus versicolor for the trial (



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