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From the Townsend Letter
July 2017

Hyperthermia Treatment
by Michelle McKeon
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During this time, I added various supplements and vitamins to my regimen to help strengthen my body. I took guided imagery and tai chi classes, and I also became very interested in nutrition and diet. I found that my body responded very well to a diet that limited foods and drinks that contained gluten and that are high in carbs, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine. Restricting sugar intake is especially important, as candida (yeast overgrowth) and Lyme disease tend to go hand in hand. My diet was similar to the Paleo diet, and I made it a point to consume large amounts of foods that are high in good fats to aid in the repair of cell membranes. 

Within six months, I was able to gain back the 20 pounds that I lost due to this illness, my hair that had fallen out was now growing back and looking healthier than ever, and my nails and skin no longer looked discolored. While my progress was slow, it was steady and there was so doubt I was improving. Many doctors that had seen me over the years were calling me the "miracle patient," and they couldn't believe that I was coming back from this. For the first time in a very long time, I was hopeful that one day I would feel like myself again.

CoreBioticAbout six months after receiving treatment in Germany and following a detoxification, immune boosting, and antimicrobial protocol, I decided to get tested again. Prior to my treatment in Germany I was tested at Fry Laboratories, and my results came up positive – showing a substantial amount of the co-infections Protomyxzoa rheumatica and Bartonella. I also received another test that detected Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Now six months later, all three tests showed no sign of infection.  BAM, I was finally winning this war!

I still had symptoms though, and while I was making huge improvements, I was not at the point where I would be able to go back to work. I felt that I was missing something.  Later that year, I saw a methylation specialist to see if I had any genetic defects that were holding back my recovery process. The most important discovery was that I had a gene known as the HLA that prevents the body from expelling mold mycotoxins effectively from the body.11 I soon realized, from additional blood results and from testing my home, that mold had become a huge roadblock in my healing. After moving to a mold-free apartment and tweaking my protocol to include additional treatments to target mold mycotoxins, I began improving at a much faster rate.

I was finally feeling strong enough to focus on treating the heavy metals that had accumulated in my body during this illness. Unfortunately, heavy metal toxicity is another obstacle that many chronic Lyme sufferers need to overcome in order to reach the next level of wellness. A biological dentist removed my amalgams to assist in reducing my high load of mercury. I also followed a pre- and post-treatment protocol that involved vitamin C drips, suppositories, supplements, and binders to assist in the detoxing of heavy metals.

It has been a little over five years since I returned from Germany, and I have my life back. While I still deal with some symptoms, they are much more manageable; and each year, I continue to improve. I try to live a balanced life by eating healthy, exercising, taking supplements, vitamins, and herbs, and detoxing weekly. Through this experience, I developed a passion for functional medicine, and I decided to go back to school to pursue a master's degree in human nutrition. 

I am also the co-owner of a company called Lyme and Cancer Services (, where we refer people who are suffering with Lyme disease or cancer to clinics in Germany and Mexico that specialize in hyperthermia treatment. We work with people all over the world as a liaison between physicians at Fachklinik Dr. Herzog, St. Georg Klinik, Hannover Klinik, and Sanoviv Clinic and clients who are interested in receiving treatments at these integrative medicine clinics.  We also advise people on a pre- and post-treatment protocol that involves treatments and recommendations regarding detoxification, antimicrobials, parasites, cell membrane repair, nutrition, mold, heavy metals, methylation, and EMF issues.   

Lyme and Cancer Services provides guidance in scheduling clients at their clinic of choice, offers consultation services, and can connect them with others who have received hyperthermia treatment. We strive to advocate for tick-borne illnesses through writing articles and speaking at conferences and support groups. We have also written two extensive E-books for our clients with Lyme disease and for our clients with cancer. These E-books go over everything we believe patients would want to know about the clinics – therapies offered, pre-and post-treatment recommendations, and additional information on recovery factors.

Lyme sufferers need to be fighters to come back from this illness. Having navigated through the puzzle of Lyme disease and connected many of the little pieces that allowed my body to feel whole again, I genuinely believe that the protocol Lyme and Cancer Services recommends provides hope for even the sickest suffers to get their lives back. 

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Michelle McKeon

Michelle McKeon is a wellness coach, author, and educator specializing in detoxification, nutrition, hyperthermia treatment, and herbal therapies for individuals with tick-borne illnesses. She also co-owns a health and wellness company called Lyme and Cancer Services (, where she is director of patient services. Michelle advocates for people with Lyme disease, writes articles on tick-borne illnesses, and speaks at conferences and support groups.



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