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February/March 2007


Quantum Medicine Update
by Paul Yanick, Jr. PhD

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Restoring Immunity, the Autonomic Nervous System, and Bioenergetic Reciprocity for a Fuller Expression of Innate Healing in Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine recognizes that health and healing depend on the integrity of the whole person. As such, doctors of naturopathic medicine emphasize the treatment of disease through the stimulation, enhancement, and support of the inherent healing capacity of the person. Qi, or the body's vital life force, is under the control of innate intelligence and is expressed in negative and positive polarities (different from the Yin-Yang coordinates of Oriental Medicine). Maximizing innate healing requires a greater recognition of the reciprocal polarities of this energetic phenomena in nature.

Paul YanickReciprocity—a fundamental value in augmenting innate intelligence—is found in immune TH-1/TH-2 cytokine responses, in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and in the way innate intelligence controls and governs the healing response. Augmenting the reciprocity of nature's bipolar harmonic energies on a multi-dimensional anatomical basis is essential for the body to resist infections, reject tumors, inhibit carcinogenesis, detoxify pollutants, and heal itself.

Nature's recipes for getting the body in tune are vastly different from the man-made creations of nutritional and pharmaceutical science. Nature employs a supercontinuum of reciprocal, harmonic polarities to heal the body. Assessing this on a clinical level required the development of a homeopathic harmonic scale of polarities. Then, the performance efficiency and reciprocity of innate intelligence could be quantified. Reflecting the plurality of ancient healing traditions, I coined the name "Quantic Harmony" (QH). QH became a way to describe the reciprocal, bipolar actions of innate intelligence and its influence on the inherent healing capacity of the patient.

QH concepts reflect a reformulation of Oriental medicine to meet the health care needs of the twenty-first century. This was necessary, because ancient healing systems were developed in a different time, when no one needed antidotes for environmental toxicity, electro-pollution, or the thousands of man-made synthetic chemicals that infiltrate our modern day world. QH can guide naturopathic practitioners to interact, cultivate, and guide innate healing in mathematical and scientific terms. When disrupted by chemical or electro-pollution, or man-made United States Pharmacopeia (USP) vitamins, QH values deteriorate, diminishing one's inherent healing capacity.

Restoring QH values helps restore immune bipolar TH-1 and TH-2 functions and ANS regulation so the body is more resilient to stress. Understanding QH helps the clinician to gain contact with the body's inner physician, a hidden and powerful primal energetic zone where innate intelligence —manifested in interwoven patterns of inseparable links and circular chains — can perform its healing miracles on the human organism.

When naturopaths align their focus and the patient's focus on QH, integrative healing energy can be dispersed with greater efficiency to stress- and pollutant-damaged areas of the body. By palpating and prodding these pathways, doctors will gain access to the body's primal energetic zones where innate intelligence, echoing the logic and evidence of quantum physics, can regulate innate healing.1-6 It is important to note that the reciprocity of QH tells us about energetic interactions and relationships and the struggle for the human organism to maintain harmony and balance in a world full of chaos and toxic challenges.

When the polarity of nature is diminished, the body loses its innate ability to rebalance itself following stressful events and the immune system gets stuck in a dominant TH-1 or TH-2 cytokine response. The result: the body can't digest food completely or fully detoxify and excrete excess toxins. On the other hand, when QH is restored, a physiological and energetic reorganization occurs which brings the body into synchrony with the flux and flow of bipolar energies. The theme of this article is that by restoring the reciprocity of QH polarities, doctors can restore the functional unity of innate intelligence throughout the entire organism. Such a change in thinking moves us decades ahead of what we call natural or alternative medicine. Within the paradigm, there is no single remedy, therapy, panacea, perfect diet, or "magic bullet." Emphasis is not on single organ or meridian therapy. Instead, we are motivated to engage in getting the body more synchronized, animated, and connected to the harmonic bipolar forces that entwine us with nature and weave the web of our existence.

Appreciation of this model of health care requires a humble admission that the human body is no longer in symbiosis with nature as it was hundreds and thousands of years ago. Our physical shape, the quality of our movement and flexibility, and even our nourishment are being compromised. For this reason, ancient principles of herbal medicine and modern day synthetic nutritional approaches fall short of compensating for health issues that revolve around disharmonic states of QH. Clearly, the restoration of innate healing and innate immune functions should be the primary focus in naturopathic medicine.

Some of us spend too much time focusing on organs or meridians and the ill-fated concepts of cellular resonance to explain why and how the body doesn't heal completely. Instead, in this new paradigm, practitioners define organs and isolated body parts in functional terms via energetic zones and cyclic energetic physiology. By understanding how and why these energetic systems are stressed, we are able to make diligent efforts to remove and/or protect the body from these stressors. Accomplishing this goal means putting aside trendy diet and supplement fads. It means that we refrain from stimulating energy artificially and do not treat the so-called symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. Instead, the larger picture is focused on finding ways to restore the reciprocity of innate intelligence. Instead of attacking the body's response to disharmonic QH states, we need to understand it. In other words, we must stop spending too much time doctoring the patient and start spending more time activating the body's inner physician. In this manner, we honor and nurture the patient's innate intelligence and put our faith in the capacity of the human organism to heal itself.

Understanding Reciprocity and the Nature of Innate Healing
Quantic harmonics are the driving force of innate healing. It is within these harmonics and polarities that the body's awesome intelligence disperses its self-healing powers. What else can explain how DNA holds libraries of information or how the body simultaneously performs thousands of other life-sustaining feats faster than the speed of light?

This fundamental shift in our focus will help patients, condemned to a circle of pain or suffering, from the hopelessness and helplessness of a chronic disease or syndrome. Considering that these healing modalities are less expensive and risky then conventional medical and surgical techniques, it makes perfect sense that all naturopaths familiarize themselves with finding ways to do the following:

  • see nature as an ally rather then an adversary to be overcome and conquered with fragmented and mechanistic approaches;
  • put aside mechanistic philosophies that reduce the body to functional parts or put undue emphasis on any one organ or system of the body;
  • develop a deep respect for the wisdom found in the QH states of innate intelligence, thus learning how to coach or guide the human organism to more fully activate the body's inner physician.

There is virtually nothing in our educational process that teaches us exactly how and what kind of energetic deficit pursues its treacherous attacks on the health of the body. The anxieties and suffering of millions of humans are imbedded in varying levels of this type of energetic QH disharmony. Our studies show that this disharmony starts at the liver and kidney level. Why? This disharmony begins because of pollutant, synthetic chemical overload and malnourishment. When this happens, the QH-related reciprocal polarities of the liver and kidneys are disrupted. One may ask: could this be the key that unlocks to door to getting the fullest expression possible from innate intelligence?

To answer this question, consider that restoring QH allows healing and reorganization to accelerate and deepen, so rapid health transformations become possible. These insights represent the newest, most exciting, and potentially farthest-reaching discoveries ever to emerge from science. As you will learn, enhancing QH can tap into the hidden secrets of how the body heals itself with innate intelligence guiding its efforts. When these harmonic energies are fine-tuned, they become an omnivorous harvester of healing energy which, in turn, interfaces and interlocks to every conceivable dimension of human functioning. As my clinical trials have shown, it is a very simple compass on the road to satisfying better physical and mental health and a curious mixture of startling simplicity and challenging complexity.

The Human Energy System and Innate Intelligence
The primal energetic forces that regulate innate intelligence reside untapped in the QH zones of the body. In embryonic life, this primal energy directs the formation and organization of life. This river of life is a hidden factor to most practitioners, who rarely acknowledge its existence and who insist they can assess the human energy system with modern-day technology. Very little of this powerful healing zone can be quantified and measured by EAV or meridian stress assessment and existing diagnostic systems. Again, in the modern world, innate intelligence has been diminished to dangerously low levels. Naturopaths need to understand and identify this energetic zone and learn how to regulate the currents and polarities of innate healing.

Remember, even naturopathic medicine has been influenced by the classical medical paradigm which focuses on the unidirectional effects of sickness and disease. Naturopaths and alternative health practitioners continually focus on botanical immunomodulation therapies or on the indiscriminate use of USP vitamins that disrupt the supercontinuum functions of innate intelligence. We have to ask ourselves: do these approaches really treat the whole person and fully support the inherent healing capacity of the person?

To answer this question, we need to go back to the foundational principles of homeopathic medicine. Jacques Benveniste, MD, found that bioenergetic signals can effectively take the place of chemicals.1 Hence, on some level, we need to be concerned with the bipolar energetic and invisible forces of nutrition. Ideally, nutrition should be aimed at re-establishing the reciprocity of innate intelligence so that a cooperative harmony exists between all the systems of the body. In this manner, the encoding, transmission, reception, and decoding of bio-information, dependent on QH, will improve. Clearly, more and more research is pointing to the fact that it is the fundamental source of bipolar energy that empowers amazing feats of biology in the quantum world of self-healing.2-6

Figure 1: Quantic Harmony Scale

Quantic Harmony Scale

The Quantic Harmony Scale denotes the negative charge, reflected in gradations, which represent one's strength and level of nourishment. The positive charge represents how the body expresses energy. In nature, a state of Quantic Harmony (QH) can only exist when both physical and energetic nourishment are supplied to the body at values of plus ten and minus ten. States of Quantic Disharmony are indicated by the Green, Blue, and Red Cycles of Energy Flow as compared to the Quantic Harmony (QH) zone. The BLUE circle represents a 50% reduction in innate intelligence and mild to moderate nutrient deficiencies. The GREEN circle represents 75% reduction in innate intelligence and moderate to severe nutrient deficiencies. And the RED circle represents an 85% reduction in innate intelligence with a chronic depletion of nourishment.

Defining the Determinants and Reciprocity of Human Nutriture
Figure 1 depicts the Quantic Harmony Scale in negative charges, which reflect the QH values or one's level of nourishment. On the other side of the scale is the positive charge, which represents how the body expresses energy. The important point to remember when viewing this scale is that, in nature, QH states can only exist when reciprocity is restored and defined in terms of both physical and energetic "bipolar" nourishment.

The Quantic Harmony Scale depicts the dual effects of both nourishment and energy. Energy can be expressed as short bursts of energy in the +1, +2, +3, +4, +5 readings or as sustained and powerful energy releases when the readings are in the center of the scale at values of +10 and -10. QH is optimal when the "negative" value of nourishment equals the "positive" value of energy. When this happens, innate healing polarities are optimized. Again, when both polarities have the same value of 10 (negative and positive), the body is functioning optimally and with reciprocity at all levels of human functioning.

Since nourishment is the material basis for transforming and creating states of QH that regenerate the body, we need to consider the type of nourishment that can achieve these values. Since all sick patients can't fully digest foods, it makes sense to utilize easy-to-assimilate nourishment. Then, the "negative" end of the scale, being nutrient-deficient, can quickly parallel the readings on the positive end of the scale. As the illustration depicts, the further apart the bipolar values of the scale, the greater the loss of reciprocity and the sicker the patient.

Because 90% of the cells in the human body are commensal organisms, functioning as the strong arm of immunological defenses, we need to ascertain that we provide nourishment that allows these beneficial organisms to proliferate and flourish. In this manner, they will assist the immune system in immunological warfare and minimize the spread of opportunistic infections and cancer cells. Probiotics cannot accomplish this feat. True states of symbiosis can only be accomplished via nutriture that fortifies and expands the potential of commensal organisms.7

Since commensal cells play a critical role in how the body maintains QH, using pre- and synbiotic nourishment causes them to express 235,000 more genes (compared to human cells), which make all sorts of incredible compounds to keep the body free of unwanted inflammation or microbes. When commensals are depleted from maldigestion or dietary errors, the immune system loses its ability to keep the body free of infection.

Today, deriving energy from stimulation is common. Stimulation causes short bursts of energy. It's as if you used newspaper instead of hardwood to keep a fire going; such artificial stimulation disrupts cyclic energetic physiology. Each time energy is stimulated artificially, we deplete nourishment until, one day, we go too far and end up with serious and life-threatening consequences like a heart attack or stroke. Remember, the greater the distance between these two polarities on the scale, the more severe the symptoms. Muscle, joint, bone, heart, liver, or kidney problems commonly occur when this happens. As the QH scale is disrupted further and further away from QH, the body loses its inherent healing power and cannot bounce back after a stressful event. Reciprocal bi-polar functions of the meridians, the ANS, and the immune system are diminished. Stress becomes distress. Common sense dictates that activities like rest and recreation, drinking good, clean revitalized water, and nourishing our bodies with living synbiotic food concentrates can help sick patients restore reciprocity and enhance innate healing.

Defining Nature's Recipe for Human Nutriture
Conventional wisdom specifies that USP vitamins and inorganic, amino acid or protein-chelated minerals (gluconate, aspartate, citrate, etc.) in non-covalent/ionic forms and unipolar states can provide optimal levels of human nutriture. This thinking no longer holds. Standard USP vitamins and inorganic minerals cannot quell the cellular misbehavior triggered by pollutants and cannot correct nutritional deficiencies at the intracellular level. Instead, they stimulate energy without nourishing the body, pushing the body into states of compensatory or survival physiology. These divergent QH states disrupt reciprocity on every level conceivable in the human organism. In other words, synthetic vitamins function as inhibitors or agonists of reciprocity and can warp the biochemistry of living organisms. The crux of nutritional technology, then, is to harness nature's timeless wisdom and probiotic counterparts as factories, so that nutriture is linked and aligned in the right polarities or bipolar positive and negative fashions.

The implications are profound. The consequences become especially important in viral illnesses or cancer where there is an uncontrolled, non-reciprocal proliferation of viral or cancer activities in the human organism. When nature makes nutrients in a natural fermentation process, there are thousands of nutrients in co-protein and ligand formats. Because co-proteins induce cells receptors to become more responsive, they are the preferred form of human nutriture in the sick patient with maldigestion.

Co-protein nutriture allows nutrient uptake and utilization to be more beneficial with vast improvements found on both the positive and negative end of the QH scale. Automatically, this results in providing the body with sustained levels of healing energy. Thus, the "key" that unlocks the cells' "lock" is the natural ligand and co-protein format of synbiotic nutriture. This is only possible by exploiting nature's reciprocity to create nourishment in exactly the correct states of polarity to induce optimal states of QH.

Nutrients created in a natural fermentation process open the lock and thereby take the place of the natural key missing in synthetic USP vitamins or inorganic non-covalent/ionic minerals. In reality, no nutrient in nature is ever isolated or separated from other nutrients. Unlike enzymes and whole food nutrients, these nutrients are much smaller: the molecular weight is about 250 daltons (a dalton is equal to one-twelfth the mass of carbon 12, the most abundant isotope of carbon), whereas the weight of horseradish peroxidase is about 40,000 daltons, and the weight of whole food nutrition is about 60,000 daltons. Hence, the versatility and reactivity of this form of human nutritive is superior to eating raw foods or taking other forms of nutritional support. The use of co-proteins and ligands as carrier agents has been researched extensively by the pharmaceutical industry as a way to deliver drugs more efficiently to cell receptor sites.8-10

Extraordinary properties of human nutriture arise as scientists draw inspiration from nature to produce nutrients on the nanometer scale with co-proteins and ligands, so that the sick patient can get nourishment thousands of times faster than through eating whole foods or taking in other forms of nutrition. These 250 dalton catalysts can boost chemical reaction rates a billionfold. And, unlike USP vitamins, synbiotic nutrients—formatted correctly with co-protein and ligand carriers—can breakdown a variety of toxic compounds that are omnipresent in our environment.

Making synbiotic nutrients from whole food concentrates was not easy. It required a painstaking four-step design process that allowed ligands and co-proteins to bond to the nutrients at extremely low molecular weights. In fact, it took almost a decade of research to find ways to inhibit mold overgrowth (common in cultured and fermented food concentrates) and to stabilize the nutrients so they would have a longer shelf life that fresh foods. Borrowing further from nature's design, we eventually solved this problem by discovering a catalyst that formed selenoproteins and other mineral-protein formats in covalent bonds. During this time, other researchers were reporting dramatic results in studies of patients with severe acute pancreatitis,12 chronic hepatitis, abdominal surgery,13 and liver transplantation.14 According to Bengmark, "Both pre- and probiotics seem to be necessary for uneventful recovery, a combination usually referred to as synbiotics."16 Health and well-being are based on homeostasis/equilibrium between numerous systems in the body via gastrointestinal (GI) microflora that has a strong influence on numerous bodily functions.11-26 Synbiotic nourishment – bursting with an array of living co-protein and ligand bound nutrient – turns on the full power of our innate intelligence and re-tunes our QH states to optimum polarities and the organizing brilliance of life itself.

Nature choreographs some wonderfully elegant and extremely complex catalytic nutrients that make man-made efforts in the laboratory look clunky. Finding ways to mimic these molecular dances toughens the molecular architecture of synbiotics so they can remain a living food with a long shelf life.

Although our cleverness in manipulating the immune system continues to grow in sophistication, we tend to forget that the reciprocal motion of the immune system is our greatest weapon against disease. In the heart, pharmacologists work with beta blockers. Yet, beta1 adrenoceptors quicken the heart rate and increase the force of each beat, while in the lungs, beta2 adrenoceptors widen the air passageways. When reciprocity is lost, the body may rely or become addicted to drugs and synthetic chemicals.

Only nutrients in bipolar formats can mimic the natural reciprocal activity of the body. By binding to many variants of cell receptors, allowing the cell to receive a "louder" message and undergo a more pronounced behavioral change, as compared with the effect of drugs or synthetic vitamins, which may only activate few receptors while stimulating the body in anti-reciprocal motions. Let's not forget that a fundamental cause of nutritional deficiencies is escalating states of environmental toxicity and an increased intake of synthetic chemicals. Let's face it: people perform chemistry in different ways than Mother Nature does. According to Dr. Terrence Collins of the University of Auckland in New Zealand "…synthetics are so different from the products of natural chemistry that it is as though they dropped in from an alien world."27

In summary, nourishment is the material basis for igniting reciprocal, bipolar healing energies that activate and enhance repair and regenerative functions in the body. Thus, it is critical that supplemental nutrients are vibrant and harmonic (bipolar) and occur in low molecular weights for rapid correction of nutrient deficiencies. Since maldigestion caused by gastro-duodenitis or maladaption to stress depletes the liver of nutrients needed by the body to detoxify pollutants in our environment, these nutrients can help to keep the body clean. Almost all sick people cannot digest food properly. As a result, the liver cannot nourish and cleanse the organism and package nutrients in the correct formats. Healthy fermentations in the intestines are inhibited, so the body becomes deficient in synbiotic co-protein/ ligand nutrients. Fasting provides little or no benefits when human and commensal cells are malnourished.

Finally, without bipolar nourishment, immunological warfare lacks the strength and stamina to conquer microbial foes. Candidiasis, runaway viral infections, and stubborn biofilms accumulate in the body. Instead of treating the patient with synthetic vitamins, antimicrobials, anti-yeast, and/or anti-viral botanicals, naturopathic medicine might put more emphasis on the incredible reciprocity of nature's own cleansing and nutritive agents.

Paul Yanick, Jr. PhD
American Academy of Quantum Medicine
1982 State Road 44 #359
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168 USA

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