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December 2006


A Magic Bullet at Last?
by Anthony di Fabio

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Selling the Magic Bullet
Billions of dollars are spent each year in an attempt to convince the public (and doctors) that a magic bullet "breakthrough" is in the offing. Just a few more billions, another decade or two for "proper" research, the brightest research crew, and …"you could be saved any day now, hallelujah!" We'll call this Magic Bullet, Type I.

"Just ask your doctor if xyztuvwp isn't right for you!" Aside from a long list of whispered, damaging side-effects, xyztuvwp is really a form of a magic bullet, too! We'll call this Magic Bullet, Type II.

So we have two kinds of magic bullets huckstered daily, year in and year out. Type I will cure most any kind of degenerative disease such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and so on. Just spend enough money for "research," and we'll get there together. Type II will "cure" what ails you now! "Dr. So-and-so is really a bright man, and he said to take xyztuvwp." "I feel so much better now and relieved that I no longer have to worry over qrjuve!"

Whether the words are spoken or not, we are to understand that Magic Bullet Type I only requires money, time, and brains. Whereas Magic Bullet Type II will work immediately, never mind that it is not a true Magic Bullet, but only a symptom-reliever, and that, while the underlying biological disturbance is hidden and continuing, it also adds more biological problems for which additional Magic Bullet Type IIs may be required.
Magic Bullet Type I is usually a con job.

Magic Bullet Type II is a lie, passing itself off as a Type I.

Do Magic Bullets Exist?
Semmelweis developed a magic bullet. He washed his hands before delivering babies after having dissected cadavers. Childbed fever dropped "magically." Vitamin C is a magic bullet against scurvy. Indeed, most of the vitamins are magic bullets against specific "lack-of" diseases. They are also magic bullets against many other potential health problems. For example, vitamin A, when taken by a pregnant woman, can help prevent Spina Bifida in newborns. Vitamin C, when taken in sufficient quantity, can strengthen the immune system so that many microorganism-based diseases are defeated. Properly grown, stored, and prepared foods are also magic bullets for a wide variety of ailments, especially when enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are present and absorbed by the patient. Specific antibiotics, such as penicillin, can be magic bullets against bacteria that have not yet learned to adapt to its deadly influence. A wonderful, woefully underused magic bullet is injectable dilute hydrochloric acid. It will stimulate macrophages and leukocytes to defeat virtually any bacterial invasion, whether they have adapted to antibiotics or not. (See "Three Years of HCl Therapy." Available at: and, beginning this month, at Antigen-specific colostrum is a fabulous magic bullet when properly used and administered. Complement prepared from any number of antigens surrounds and kills organisms immediately without passing through the long, tedious, often defective process of vaccination, incubation, and, finally, protection. (See "Universal Oral Vaccine." Available at:, "Articles" tab.) Heparin used externally and internally on recent burns, even severe ones, results in less pain, faster healing, and zero scar tissue. (See "A Burning Issue," Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients," October 2005:66; also at, "Articles" tab.) So, do Magic Bullets exist? The answer is, YES! But they are seldom Type I and never Type II.

Primary Methods of Wonderful Cures from Alternative/Complementary Practitioners
Practitioners of alternative/complementary medicine utilize a wide variety of techniques to assist their patients toward wellness – to name just a few: kinesthiology, electrodermal screening, diet control along with determination of needed vitamins and minerals (orthomolecular medicine), Oriental medicine (herbs & diagnosis), acupuncture, electromagnetic frequen-cies, wave forms and polarities, biological dentistry, anti-candida treatments, anti-allergy treatments, and so on. All these processes directly or indirectly have, as an end result, the literal formation of the same magic bullet that guarantees restoration of good health.

The Acidic/Alkalinity State
Let's consider "diet control along with determination of needed vitamins and minerals and proper nutrition (orthomolecular medicine)" to illustrate the problems faced by the practitioner and the patient. Basic to everything is the physician's goal of having the patient achieve an alkaline systemic state. The problem of patient system acidity is a worrisome one for any doctor. Other than required stomach acid, system acidity promotes ill-health and prevents cellular repair. Alkalinity promotes good health and assists cellular repair.

Litmus is a paper impregnated with a chemical that changes color as the acidity, or hydrogen-ion concentration, of the fluid being tested increases or decreases. Using this test paper, you can see that a blue 7.5 to 7.0 test indicates a mild alkaline to neutral normal test. A green 6.5 to yellow 4.5 test indicates increasing acidic and abnormal tests.

Take a small piece of litmus paper and place some saliva on it at a time when the saliva is not dominated by either drink or food. Match the resulting color against the colors shown on the litmus paper spool. A dark purple color means one has sufficient alkalinity. The more closely the color matches the other end (yellow), the more acidity one has.1 After you've tested yourself, you probably won't be very surprised or excited. However, here's another simple test you can try: test the clean saliva of a baby, then a two- or three-year-old, a six-year-old, a 12-year-old, a 20-year-old, and so on, up to that of a subject your age. Unless the testee is unhealthy, generally you'll find that your litmus paper begins as dark purple and, by a continuous spectrum, grades itself through green and yellow as you pass from the baby to you. Contrary to your first possible surmise, any color other than dark purple is not really healthy.2

Most alternative/complementary health professionals know the importance of changing from an acidic to an alkaline condition. Regardless of what specialties the health professional prefers, the major method used to achieve the alkaline condition is an allergy-free, good diet and the addition of necessary enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. There certainly is no reason or valid argument to change this approach, but it does have stressful potential pitfalls:
1. The patient cannot stay on the diet.
2. Tension, worry, and emotional upset or physical injury or over-stressed muscle fascia, tendon, or other tissues, such as those within internal organs, can switch the patient from alkaline to acidic rapidly.
3. The length of time for reversal from acidic to alkalinity works against the willingness of the patient to comply.

Considering all the above factors, this magic bullet usually works at a pace that could never be fired from a gun.

Can Acidic to Alkaline Change be Faster, Safer, and Effective?
William H. Philpott, MD, believes that, during his forty years of medical practice and many years of experimentation with static magnets, he has isolated the rules for more rapidly and safely bringing about an alkaline condition. Many of his conclusions are surprising, but all are easily testable.

Let's look at his conclusions:
1. During sleep, our bodies are supposed to return to an alkaline condition; during waking hours, we build up an acidic condition. A healthy body should balance the two conditions.

2. Sleep is our primary healing period.

3. Magnets have two poles: the South (S) and North (N) poles. To avoid confusion, Dr. Philpott sometimes calls the magnetic compass South pole, the "South-seeking pole," and the magnetic compass North pole, the "North-seeking pole." More accurately, he says, "A magnetometer is used to identify positive (+) and negative (-) magnetic poles. A magnetometer is a scientific instrument that identifies magnetic polarity in terms of electromagnetic polarity, which is positive (+) and negative (-) rather than the geographic compass needle identification of north and south."4 Dr. Philpott explains, "There is a need to understand the navigational error in identifying the magnetic poles as well as the parallel identification in identifying DC electrical current poles and DC static field permanent magnet poles made from the DC current. To those who have examined for and identified the distinctly opposite biological responses to opposite magnetic fields, the separate identification of the magnetic poles is an important must. To those not experienced in the knowledge of separate biological responses to opposite magnetic poles, the magnetic poles and the gauss levels needed for these responses is making biophysics a predictable science parallel to the predictable industrial application of magnetics."4

4. Other than those studying atomic forces, students are not taught the biological difference, or any other difference, between the effects of one pole or another; and, indeed, there appears to be no difference when a piece of iron is exposed to either pole. Both attract the iron.

5. However, there is a very important difference of these two poles on cellular biology as well as direction of rotation of electrons and ions. The South-seeking pole sets up conditions to alkalinize the body, whereas the North-seeking pole sets up conditions to acidify the body. Alkalization leads to healing of many illnesses, while acidification leads to setting the stage, the terrain, for establishment of many illnesses. Dr. Philpott says, "This is paralleled and demonstrated to be true in an electrolysis unit. The positive electric pole is surrounded by a positive magnetic field. The pH of the fluid at that area becomes a pH of 2, w hich is markedly acidic, and the pH around the negative electrode with its negative magnetic field surrounding it becomes a pH of 8. Therefore, we do have evidence that this is correct. That the negative electromagnetic pole, with its negative magnetic field or negative ions is alkalinizing and that a positive electromagnetic field with its positive magnetic field and positive ions is acidifying…. It was of interest that the doctor of whom I treated his heart, [sic] resolving the atheromatous plaques in his arteries, had a blood pH of 8. A blood pH of 7.5 is the usual, normal pH. It doesn't hurt if the pH is up to 8."7

6. Grave errors are made by those who sell or use magnets when they
(a) mix positive and negative static magnets, or
(b) use the positive pole on their bodies.

7. The positive magnetic field rotates ions clockwise, a dextrotatory motion. The negative magnetic field rotates ions counter-clockwise, a levorotatary motion. Human cells and their physiology much prefer levorotary chemicals. In fact, in most instances, the human body will reject the dextrorotary chemicals.3 (Consider vitamins and supplements labeled as "d-" or "l-" and the damaging consequence of using the d- form as opposed to the l- form.) For human use, amino acids and fats are required to be the levorotary forms.

8. Except for a very short period of time, and for only specialized purposes – to stimulate neuronal and catabolic glandular functions – the positive magnetic pole should never be used on cellular biology.

9. Both the positive pole and the negative pole seem to eliminate pain, but they do so in two, fundamentally different, biological ways:
a. Pain is reduced or eliminated by the positive pole by increasing endorphins, the body's natural pain opiate. Even wise medical doctors have been found hooked on their own endorphins (addicted) when relying daily on the positive magnetic pole for pain relief.
b. The negative pole reduc es or eliminates pain by changing systemic acidification to that of an alkaline state.

10. Both the positive and negative magnetic field are "dose dependent," that is, the stronger the magnetic field, the faster their action – positive to destroy, negative to heal.

11. The biological response to a positive magnetic field is acid-hypoxia: acidification + reduction in oxygen availability.

12. The biological response to a negative magnetic field is alkaline-hyperoxia: alkalization + increase in oxygen availability.

13. Acid-hypoxia leads to many forms of degenerative disease. Thus, the almost superhuman effort of alternative/complementary health professionals to flip their patient's acid-hypoxia to alkaline-hyperoxia.

14. The human body does not need a frequency, polarity, wave form, et al. from a Rife-type source, as the human brain establishes its own frequency from static magnetic sourc es – its own fields and the earth's magnetic field. About 30% of human energy derives from the earth's magnetic field; for sharks, it's about 90%.

15. Continuous (or long-time) exposure to negative polarity of reasonably high strength produces long-time alkalinity-hyperoxia, which has been shown to cure cancer and many other degenerative diseases.

16. Continuous (or long-time) exposure to negative polarity of reasonably high strength has been shown to kill every form of invasive microorganism (except the "good-guys" in the intestinal tract), whether or not embedded in the nerve structure, and to do so safely, without damaging Herxheimer effect.

17. A positive magnetic field is a signal of injury sent to the brain. But no healing-repair can occur due to the positive magnetic production of acid-hypoxia when a positive polarity is persistently used. When the brain receives the positive polarity sign al, it returns a signal of negative polarity, which is required for healing to begin, as it imposes an alkaline-hyperoxia for oxidative phosphorylation production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Dr. Philpott's conclusions are consistent with and confirm the work of physicist Albert Roy Davis and medical doctor Robert O. Becker.

Extracts from Case Histories
Melanoma (Cancer of Skin) (from "Magnetics and Melanoma: Katherine's Frightening Dilemma"):5 Dr. Philpott's wife, Katherine, developed a rapidly growing melanoma on the forehead which gave every evidence of being malignant. Lessons learned: treated only at night, first used neodymium disc negative magnet pole was under-strength and too small an area. Apparently killed the melanoma where the magnet covered but not at edges, which were uncovered and which continued to expand. Using a 1-1/2" negative magnetic pole across the whole melanoma and 3/8" thick of 3,950 gauss, she was treated 24 hours daily, requiring one month. Ten weeks after daily treatment, the tumor had dried up, and skin had grown under the tumor.

Candidiasis: Patient's stool sample contained multiple, injurious, disease-producing microorganisms, including the fungus Candida albicans. Patient slept on 70 bed magnets for three months and then took another stool sample. Gastrointestinal symptoms had faded, and her culture contained no injurious microorganisms but did contain the "good-guys" microflora.5

Heart Attack: Doctor had heart attack and bypass surgery.5 One artery not bypassed was 50% closed. He wore a 4" X 6" X 1/2" negative magnetic pole continuously, day and night. Nine months later, the artery left 50% closed was now 100% open.

Dr. Philpott's experimental work, including both rotation diets and magnetics, has covered many aspects of healing, including, but not limited to, addiction, Alzheimer's, allergies, cancer, detoxification, diabetes, emotional disorders, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, liver disorders, major mental disorders, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, pelvic disorders, sleep, stress, universal sensitivity reactors, and viral encephalitis.5

How can one treatment be so fundamental?
An acidic-hypoxia state deposits amyloid tissue in the brain, plaques in the arteries, deposits in joints, gall bladder, kidneys and so forth. An alkaline-hyperoxia state dissolves all of the above deposits.

Investigate New Drug Program
The story of Dr. Philpott's conversion from a strait-laced, drug-oriented psychiatrist to one who actually solves problems via rotation diets and magnetics is extremely fascinating and reflects the inherent self-honesty of a physician who is most interested in patient wellness. (This story can be found at, "Research" tab, William H. Philpott, MD.)

But how did this doctor achieve such a broad range of research subjects? Prior to approving a new treatment for a patient, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires (1) assurance of safety and (2) review and acceptance by an institutional review board. Upon receiving these two factors, the FDA assigns an Investigate New Drug (IND) number to the patient test.6 Once the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was approved by the FDA, essentially pronounced safe for human use, then Dr. Philpott knew that his magnetics program would also fall within the same approved category. He asked the FDA for an IND for use of magnetics on human problems. The FDA told him that he could proceed without an IND and that the FDA had classified the application of magnets to humans as harmless, calling it "not essentially harmful." Since he was dealing with a non-injurious, non-prescription item, he did not need to report to them until sufficient data was successfully published in peer-reviewed literature. Then he could provide the FDA with reports, and they would act on them to make a statement that would also satisfy insurance companies regarding safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Philpott did establish an Institutional Review Board consisting of experts who would be familiar with magnetics and medicine. Dr. Philpott also disagrees with the FDA that open use of magnetics is essentially harmless, as he's satisfied himself that the positive polarity can be quite damaging when applied in strength for lengthy periods. The positive polarity can be both addictive as well as acidifying, thus leading to the broad spectrum of health problems related to acidification.

Apparently the FDA has itself in a Catch-22 on this one. Until a peer-reviewed medical magazine publishes Dr. Philpott's data, they will not be able to advise or protect folks from magnetic polarity misuse. They obviously consider positive polarity applications on human biology as "essentially safe," even though Dr. Philpott's data demonstrates that it is not safe.

Although Dr. Philpott is retired from practice, any he alth professional who wishes has been able to write to Dr. Philpott for a recommended protocol for a specific health problem. On receiving Dr. Philpott's recommendation, the health professional is then free to apply the magnetic protocol to the patient, reporting back to Dr. Philpott at periodical intervals. Also, there appears to be no hindrance against individuals obtaining a protocol from Dr. Philpott independent of health professionals. By this means, Dr. Philpott has been able to cover a very wide range of health problems and has learned a great deal about the need for a negative magnetic field by the human body. His motto is quite interesting: "I do not claim that magnets cured you; you claim that magnets cured you."5

Polar-Powered Magnets Catalog
Although it's possible to purchase magnets of the right size and gauss strength from numerous industrial magnet suppliers, Dr. Philpott, through his son-in-law, has over time conveniently worked out different mag-netic flux delivery methods, magnet sizes, and strengths for many different health protocols. The catalog, together with many articles and protocols can all be found at our website:, "Research" tab, William H. Philpott, MD.

So – Can Acid to Alkaline Change be Faster, Safer, and Effective?
Apparently the answer is "yes!" Acidic-to-alkaline systemic changes are a genuine Type I Magic Bullet and can be faster, safer, and effective when assisting the patient to change from an acid-hypoxia to an alkaline-hyperoxia systemic state! The only defect in this particular Magic Bullet Type I seems to be that it doesn't require billions of dollars for research, nor a huge bureaucratic, intertwined medical establishment.

Dr. Philpott's Comparison Between Sustained Biological Applications of the Positive Pole and Negative Pole, (Table 1, a 68KB .pdf) clearly summarizes most of his major discoveries.

Author's note: Retired physician/psychiatrist (1990) William H. Philpott, MD, founding member of the Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, fellow of the Orthomolecular Psychiatric Society and the Society of Environmental Medicine and Toxicology, and life member of the American Psychiatric Association, author of Brain Allergies, Victory Over Diabetes, and numerous articles and booklets on food allergies and magnetism received the Linus Pauling Award in 1998 from the Orthomolecular Health Society.

1. Micro Essential Labs, 4224 Ave. H, Brooklyn, NY 11210, 718-338-3618; Fax: 718-682-4491. Specify paper pH 4.5 to 7.5.
2. See Carl J. Reich, MD, articles at, "Research".
3. Levorotary: turning toward the left or counterclockwise; especially: rotating the plane of polarization of light to the left. Dextrorotary: turning clockwise or toward the right; especially: rotating the plane of polarization of light toward the right.
4. Proteins consist of long chains of amino acid units with particular sequences and three-dimensional shapes. Most naturally occurring proteins have a shape referred to as "L-" or "levorotatory," meaning "left rotational," whereas synthetic forms of proteins typically are "D-" or "dextrotatory," meaning "right rotational." Some of the amino acids found in plants also are D- rather than L- in structure. These are mirror images of each other, just as are gloves made for the left and right hands. With special exceptions, the L- forms of amino acids are the human body's much-preferred forms.
5. Confusion lies with the prior compass definition that the South-seeking pole (-) must be a North and the North-seeking pole (+) must be a South.
6. See Philpott's "The Definition of Magnetic Polarity as Used in Human Physiology."
7. In 1600, William Gilbert (DE MAGNETE) was the first to point out that the navigator oriented himself with the compass needle pointing toward north, which he called north, when in fact the compass needle pointed north is a south magnetic field. See (, "Research" tab, William H. Philpott, MD.)
8. Several scientists throughout the years have identified this error in naming the magnetic poles. This error in identifying poles still persists as tradition.
9. The physicist, B. Gelaney (New Encyclopedia Britannica 1986, Vol. VIII, pages 274-275) again identified this geographic error in identifying magnetic poles and termed it 'semantic confusion.' To avoid this semantic confusion, he recommended using the electrical polarity definition of positive (+) and negative (-) as applicable to magnetic poles in which a positive electric pole (+) is also a positive magnetic pole (+qM) and a negative electric pole (-) is also a negative magnetic pole (-qM). 'M' stands for magnetism."
10. See, "Research" tab, William H. Philpott, MD.
11. IND means "Investigate New Drug," even though the method proposed may not involve drugs.
12. William H. Philpott, personal letter, dated October 12, 2005.


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