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December 2005
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Letter from the Publisher

Heparin in the Treatment of Burns: A Review
(an abstract)
by Michael J. Saliba, Jr.
Online publication only. . .

How Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Are Helping Life Imitate Myth
by Anthony G. Payne, PhD, MD (hon.)
Compelling clinical results on spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, and other neurologic diseases. This pioneering biomedicine may be able to reverse many degenerative diseases in the future.

The Regenerative Potential of Stem Cell Therapeutics in the Anti-Aging Setting
by Dr. Robert Goldman and Dr. Ronald Klatz
Will Stem Cell Therapy replace the need for organ transplantation? This scientific research promises new therapies for our most devastating diseases.

PHYTOSKIN Plant Extracts for Psoriasis & Atopic Dermatitis
by Morton Walker, DPM
A new walnut and comfrey therapeutic skin cream study shows good results for two difficult-to-treat, common ailments.

Acupuncture & Auriculotherapy: Valuable Natural Treatment Modalities for Addiction
by Carolyn Reuben, LAc, Thomas J.H. Chen, PhD, Seth H. Blum, Eric Braverman, MD, Roger Waite, DC, Judith Miller, PhD, Steve Sewall, Kenneth Blum PhD, Brian Meshkin, BSc & Julie Mengucci, RN
Many positive studies now validate the effectiveness and safety of these procedures, so why are doctors still pushing ineffective and more expensive drugs?

Iodine: The Universal Nutrient
by Guy E. Abraham, MD
Whole body iodine deficiency may be implicated in a range of clinical disorders other than thyroid disease.

The Impact of Lifestyle Choices and Hormonal Balance on Coping with Stress
by Jade Teta, ND, CSCS and Keoni Teta, ND, LAc, CSCS
Basic needs of our body are overlooked when we think of daily stress: sufficient restful sleep and a good diet sets the hormonal balance, offsetting the negative results of stress.

Creatine Supplementation: Potential Applications in Medicine
by Will Brink
A substantial body of research is now showing promise for this "bodybuilder's" supplement, in diseases affecting the neuromuscular system, such as muscular dystrophy.

Multiple Sclerosis — A Cure in Search of Doctors
by Dale Humpherys
The person most responsible for getting the word out to MS sufferers, is one of Dr. Klenner's many success stories, having recovered completely on the Klenner protocol.

Response of Peripheral and Central Nerve Pathology to Mega-Doses of the Vitamin B-Complex and Other Metabolites
by Frederich R. Klenner, BS, MS, MD
Online publication only. . .
Journal of Applied Nutrition, 1973
The recommended treatment protocol for MS, with case histories and clinical insights, by the originator of the treatment.

Female Sexual Healing and Longevity
by Nick Delgado, PhD, CHT
We have progressed from the widely-acknowledged need for love and intimacy, to the specifics of hormonals and diet, combined therapies for a better sex life.

Seeing Through the COX-2 Controversy: Guidelines to Choosing Safe Natural Alternatives — An Interview with Pioneering Pharmacist, Bob Garrison
by Kerry Hughes, MSc
This pharmacist has developed an effective natural anti-inflammatory pain reliever, a botanical product that is both safe and effective.


briefed by Jule Klotter

Townsend's New York Observer
AIDS In Africa: Interview with Celia Farber
by Marcus A. Cohen

Pathways to Healing
CMBM Uses Mind-Body Methods to Limit Stress
by Elaine Zablocki

Web Page Potpourri

After the Flood
by Marjorie Roswell

Health Risks & Environmental Issues
Food Labels — What Do the Numbers Mean?
by Rose Marie Williams, MA

Literature Review & Commentary
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Phytotherapy Review & Commentary
Green Tea and Garlic as Cardiovascular Life Extension Strategies
by Kerry Bone, FNIMH, FNHAA and Michelle Morgan

The War on Cancer
Do Radiofrequency Energy Fields Cause Cancer?
by Ralph W. Moss, PhD

Therapeutic Nutrition
Aging Gracefully with Thymus Extract, DHEA, Yoga and Calorie Restriction
by Gina Nick, PhD

Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Moxibustion for Longevity and Health Preservation
by Honora Lee Wolfe, Dipl. Ac., Lic. Ac. FNAAOM

Medical Anthropology
The Anthropology of Death
by Tim Batchelder, BA

Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology Review & Commentary
by Robert A. Anderson, MD

Oxygen Homeostasis
The Dysox Model of Aging
by Majid Ali, MD

Healing with Homeopathy
The Art and Sophistication of Classical Homeopathic Prescribing
by Judyth Reichenberg and Robert Ullman, NDs

Women's Health Update
by Tori Hudson, ND

Nutritional Influences on Illness
Treating Canker Sores with Nutrition
by Melvyn R. Werbach, MD


Homeopathy Takes a Hit
by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Letters to the Editor

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Sufferer Requests Help

In the News

Intravenous Vitamin C is Selectively Toxic to Cancer Cells


The Omega-3 Miracle
by Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD
review by Roy B. Kupsinel, MD

The Nutrient-Dense Eating Plan
by Douglas L. Margel, DC
review by Irene Alleger

Prolonging Health: Mastering the 10 Factors of Longevity
by J.E. Williams, OMD
review by Irene Alleger

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