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Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients' December 2002
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New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct: Are Its Policies and Performance Becoming a Political Liability?
by Marcus A. Cohen
In the 5th of this series on Medical boards, the OPMC's problematic standard for determining "appropriate" care is reported on, as well as the chances for long-term reform.

The Fluoride Controversy Continues: An Update Part 1
by Gary Null, PhD and Martin Feldman, MD
The government still insists that this waste product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries, has benefits in preventing dental caries, when there exists no scientific evidence for benefit. What studies do show are the many serious health problems from fluoridation.

Insulin and Diabetes: A Metabolic Typing Perspective
by Harold J. Kristal, DDS
According to the theory of Metabolic Typing, approximately 70% of diabetics are Fast Oxidizers or Parasympathetics, which the special dietary protocol is designed to correct.

Diabetes Breakthrough: Homeopathic Insulin
Nearly Everything Needs Rethinking by Barbara Brewitt, PhD
This thesis suggests that emotional and perceptual sensations regulate the body's insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance, making homeopathic medicine eminently suited for treatment as it is designed to harmonize these experiences.

The Hepatitis C Patient: Functional Assessment & Effective Botanical Remedies by Nicholas Calvino, DC
Because of its chronic, sub-clinical character, Hepatitis C often goes undiagnosed. Even after diagnosis there is little effective treatment. This article examines the diagnostic assessment and efficacy of an herbal formula.

A Decrease in Cirrhosis of the Liver by Dr. Charles Cochran
Most of us correlate cirrhosis of the liver with alcoholism but today there are many environmental toxins that can also damage the liver. This Artichoke Bud/Sarsaparilla Root Extract (ASE) has proven in double-blind studies to detoxify the liver and normalize gallbladder function.

Gluten Intolerance: A Paradigm of an Epidemic
by Stacy Astor Shaul, MA
Celiac Disease, caused by gluten intolerance, has become a serious underrecognized illness, implicated in immune dysfunctions. Could this be related to our late evolutionary use of grains?

Artemisinin: From Malaria to Cancer Treatment
by Robert Jay Rowen, MD
Although widely used throughout the world as an anti-malarial, new studies show that this herb becomes cytotoxic in the presence of ferrous iron, and iron influx is naturally high in cancer cells. Case reports show effectiveness against a wide variety of cancers.

Enzyme Therapy, Digestion, and Acidosis
by Mark A. Brudnak, PhD, ND and Stephanie G. Hoener, ND
A new enzyme formulation uses a novel buffer system to allow enzymes to function in a slightly basic, buffered system. This enzyme therapy can be used not just for digestion, but also in cases of acid-base imbalances.

Maitake D-Fraction: A Potent Mushroom Extract Product Against Human Malignancies by Sensuke Konno, PhD
Many studies on the health benefits of mushroom species has come out of the Orient. One of the most studied is the Maitake mushroom, proven to have potent cytotoxic effects.

Diet and Nutrition Principles by V. Bradshaw-Black
A refreshing look at food choices from our longtime contributor from the UK. Some cultural differences give us a different view of diet.

A Quick Look at Music, Medicine, Death & Dying
by Lily G. Casura
A few more interesting tidbits garnered from the author's recent foray into "music as medicine."


Shorts briefed by Jule Klotter

Literature Review & Commentary by Alan R. Gaby, MD

Phytotherapy Review & Commentary
Gymnema: A Key Herb in the Management of Diabetes
by Kerry Bone, FNIMH, FNHAA

Health Risks & Environmental Issues
The Health Emergency Powers Act
by Rose Marie Williams, MA

Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology Review & Commentary
by Robert A. Anderson, MD

The War on Cancer: Cytoluminescent Therapy (CLT)
by Ralph W. Moss, PhD

Healing with Homeopathy: A Case of Airplane Phobia
by Judyth Reichenberg and Robert Ullman, NDs

Chinese Medicine Update
Hepatogenic Diabetes & Chinese Medicine
by Bob Flaws, Dipl. Ac & CH, FNAAOM, FRCHM

Medical Anthropology
A Novel Mechanism of Liver Enhancement from a Traditional Bee Product by Tim Batchelder, BA

Medicinal Properties in Whole Foods
Stress-Related Eating and Metabolic Syndrome: An Important Cause of Obesity among Women
by Gina L. Nick, PhD, ND

G-Jo Acupressure
During Which I Abuse Myself But Don't Need to Pay the Piper
by Michael Blate

Medical Journalist Report of Innovative Biologics
A Personal Profile: Addiction Treatment Specialist & Medical Intuitive, Rhonda Lenair
by Morton Walker, DPM

Ask the Herbalist
How Do You Treat Diabetes and Syndrome X? Part I
by Andrew Gaeddert

Women's Health Update
by Tori Hudson, ND, Professor

Nutritional Influences on Illness
The Importance of Vitamin C in Diabetes Mellitus
by Melvyn R. Werbach, MD


"Herbs Don't Work"
by Alan Gaby, MD

Letters to the Editor

Predigested Liver Supplements for Anemia

Banning Pet Supplements

Learning from our Elders

Sunflower Oil for Autoimmune Disease

Liver Spots Query

Alternative to Allergy Therapy

Abnormal Gastric Motility


In the News

AHCC Study Published in Journal of Hepatology

New Study Shows Thymic Protein A Improves Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

JAMA Study Reveals Vitamin C and Magnesium Benefits for Cardiovascular Patients

Landmark Acupuncture Bill by Assemblywoman Judy Chu Signed by Governor Davis


Getting Rid of Ritalin
by Robert W. Hill, PhD and Eduardo Castro, MD
review by Katherine Duff

The New Millennium Diet Revolution
by Keith De Orio, MD with Robert Dursi, CNM
review by Irene Alleger

Some User's Guides: Reliable and Informative
reviews by Beatrice Trum Hunter

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders by David Brownstein, MD
review by David Goldstein, MD

Beyond Chaos: One Man's Journey Alongside His Chronically Ill Wife by Gregg Piburn
review by Pat Johnson


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