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August / September 2011
Prof. Robert W. Bradford, D.Sc., N.M.D.
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Prof. Robert W. Bradford, D.Sc., N.M.D.
March 22, 1931 to August 4, 2011

Dr. Bradford, an internationally recognized pioneer and leader in Integrative Medicine, a term he "coined" in 1982, peacefully passed away suddenly after a brief illness, in the  serenity of his ranch, surrounded by his wife, Carole; daughter, Darcy Yent; son, Greg Yent, his wife Joanne and granddaughter, Addison.

He became a major leader in the American health movement, when in 1972 he founded the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine, a lobbying and educational organization of 50,000 world-wide members, which funded many court battles and that eventually led to the decriminalization and legalization of laetrile (Amygdalin) in 16 states and began utilizing Mexican clinics for Americans seeking alternatives to orthodox treatments. CFCM also published The Choice magazine from 1975 to 2001 informing patients and healthcare professionals on the latest developments in alternative/integrative medicine.

Dr. Bradford founded in 1977 the Bradford Research Institute, a 501C3 research foundation that specialized in the assessment and investigation of biological and integrative therapies for degenerative and infectious diseases, immunological. environmental challenges, and anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Bradford's landmark work was his updated and greatly expanded reference textbook, Oxidology:  The Study of Reactive Oxygen Species and Their Metabolism in Health and Disease, 1997, 719 pages (2nd Edition).

He held 15 patents in electronics, physics, and optics, patents granted worldwide for the Bradford Variable Projection Microscope (BVPM®) include the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, Brazil, India, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The Bradford/Yent patent involved variable projection optics in a multiphase microscope.

Dr. Bradford researched and developed two functional microscopy tests HRBM® and HLB® universally known as the Bradford Peripheral Blood Assessments™ for identifying metabolic risk factors and oxidative stress as biologica‌l probes in evaluating integrative therapies for chronic immunological diseases.

He authored several text books, over 75 scientific papers and was an authority on Oxidology, Functional Peripheral Blood Assessments, Cancer and Lyme. He was the developer of the proprietary compound, Dioxychlor®, a potent oxidative agent against infectious microbes (bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses and mycoplasma).

He held a Doctorate of Science (D.Sc.) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, from Medicina Alternativa and was a board-certified naturopathic medical doctor (NMD) in the sates of Idaho and Washington, D.C. He served as a Visiting Professor of Medicine to several hospitals and medical schools for the People's Republic of China and Mexico; received a  Royal Laureate of Labor medal from the Netherlands government, was knighted into the Order of St. John of Jerusalem-Knights of Malta Hospitaliers and other award recognitions.

Dr. Bradford was Professor of Medicine, Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CUIM) in Washington, D.C., which he co-founded in 1995 (the nation's first licensed and accredited University to issue post-doctorate degrees in Integrative & Physiatric Medicine).  As Chairman of the Departments of Microbiology, Microscopy and Oxidology of Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Bradford developed and authored 12 segment curriculum lectures with study guides, midterms, and final exams.

With his wife, Carole, he co-founded American Biologics in 1978, an international nutritional supplement and bio-medical company.

Since 1972 Dr. Bradford has been a highly-regarded scientific/medical consultant to numerous hospitals and clinics worldwide.  His published articles have appeared in Medical Hypotheses, Journal of Alternative Medicine, Townsend Letter, Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics, Integrative and Longevity Medicine Taiwan, Journal of Longevity, Geranto Geriatrics, Journal Biomed Lab Science, Well-Being Journal, Explore and annually the American Biologics International Symposium Syllabus.

Robert W. Bradford made significant contributions to the field of holistic, integrative medicine. His passage leaves a tremendous gap in the battle for health freedoms. Dr. Bradford spent the last 40 years attempting to unravel the multiple mysteries of cancer and degenerative diseases and thousands owe a giant debt of gratitude to the larger-than-life personality of Robert William Bradford.

He is beloved by many for his immense vision and his passion for our industry contributed to the solid foundation and stellar recognition of American Biologics.

A memorial service to celebrate his life will be held
Sunday, September 18, 2011, at his beloved ranch in
Deerhorn Valley, high in the mountains of Jamul, California.



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