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From the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients
April 2003
Letter to the Editor
Healing is Real in the Middle of the Israeli Desert
Robin Sharan
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There is an Oasis of Peace through Healing. Two cases of extraordinary recovery will be delineated.

Centered mostly in the southern part of the Israeli Desert, this community, called the Black Hebrew Israelites is located in Dimona, Beer Sheva, Mizpe Ramon, Tiberias, and Arad. Altogether, the community is composed of approximately 1,000 adults and 2,000 children. They adhere to the admonition of the first page of Genesis to eat only what is now known to be a vegan diet. They have their own unique system of medicine using only live highly enzymatic, mineralized food, herbs, fasting, massage, chiropractic manipulation, restricted sugar and salt, and Colema therapy (a cross between high colonics and enemas). The whole community is Vegan and the adults have shown to be free from high cholesterol problems and there is no incidence of cancer or heart disease. The community as a whole is moving towards live foods because of the ultimate health value of this lifestyle.

One day out of the week it is mandatory for the entire community to eat all fresh (not cooked) plant-based food. For one week at the change of every season for seven days it is mandatory to eat all live. There is no heart condition, no cancer, no incidence of childhood onset diabetes. There are three people who still eat cooked food and who deal with high blood pressure.

Before the live food week, they observe sugar-free, no sugar, no honey. They use maple syrup and Stevia for the week preceding the live foods week. All this community support is to maintain the real wealth of the community, their health, and is geared to win people over to All Live, All Organic, All The Time!

Shabbat is a total fast for everyone, ten years old and up. Dry fast in the winter months. In the summer months they take water or juice. Every other day these people choose to abstain from eating either sugar or salt. Everybody adheres to these dietary requirements because these people believe in being ever mindful and grateful for the gift of life from the Almighty. Thus, promoting great health is a form of prayer of thanks to The Almighty. What a concept!

The Clinic of Rofeh and Rofah Yehudah
They have a history of curing everything from AIDS to cancer to eczema to diabetes to psoriasis employing Deep Tissue Cleansing with Colon Irrigation as well as uncooked live vegan food. I personally met one prominent leader in the community who defied modern medicine after being rigorously tested by his doctor. Segan Haraymiel had healed his longstanding diabetic condition.
After fifteen years of going in and out of the finest hospitals, his diabetic condition was declared by his allopath to be healed not due to drugs, but to deep detoxification and live highly mineralized enzymatic food.

Before going to The Clinic for a month, Segan Haraymiel had been taking 20 cc of insulin a day just to maintain a blood sugar level between 120-150. Not taking it would mean a level of 290-300. He had previously also consumed $120 of cholesterol medication every month.

When he arrived at The Clinic at 101 Rehov Irus Hanegev in Be'er Sheva, the doctors took him off all medications on the very first day. Segan Haraymiel watched his blood sugar level off at 103-105.

With his life renewed, he turned his business dealings over to Galilyah, his wife, and dedicated his time to The Community Farm and became an ardent advocate for dietary change towards the raw/live food lifestyle. Because of the necessity to grow all their food organically, nongenetically modified, to maintain and promote health, Segan Haraymiel is working to assist the community to become totally sustainably agrarian with all heirloom organic produce.

The secret to their recuperative powers lies in the Old Testament statement: "With all diligence keep thine heart for from it comes the tissues of life. And a sound heart is the life of the flesh." That goes without saying that the blood must be clean and free flowing in order for the heart to be happy...figuratively and literally.

Zahavah and Zarakiyah married even though both knew they each had the sickle cell trait. Even though both were vegan and Zahavah took her prenatal vitamins, four of their children developed this very serious condition. The childrens' skin and eyes get jaundiced, the urine turns brown and there is extreme swelling all over the body and all the sickle cell anemia children have been bedwetters. Because of oxygen deprivation, the affected children are physically slower.

The children are not vaccinated because any time, Bat Kayil, the first child with the condition, received vaccinations she went into a serious crisis immediately. She was taken to the hospital. In Israel, they didn't know what to do for sickle cell anemia. She was put on IV, pain medicines, folic acid, and iron. That was all the medical profession could suggest. Nothing helped. As much as the mother could, she massaged the areas that were painful and applied cold compresses and heat liniments and that alleviated pain but not the swelling. The swelling would last between three to seven days.

She had been addicted to sugar drinks and on the advice of Doctor Yehudah there was no more given to her — instead she drank fresh fruit juice and shakes (bananas, apples, pears, dates, watermelon juice and grape as they came in season — only fruit with seed.). Her bouts of sickle cell illness were further and further apart and not as severe; previously two weeks apart, now six months apart and when she was five, there were no more. She is nine now and her liver and kidneys are still affected.

All the children with sickle cell are on mostly live vegan food with some cooked. When children go off live foods there is more of a propensity to exhibit symptoms. They keep the disease in check by diet but when the symptoms start to appear they are given Colemas which are high enemas and placed on a total raw food diet which clears the symptoms up immediately without the use of drugs. Major improvement is only experienced with the Deep Tissue Cleansing with Colema Therapy and highly enzymatic living food (uncooked vegan).

Now, the children are leading healthier lives and no one has had a crisis for over three years. They have made the profound connection between great health and inner peace. They have arms only to hug each other, no guns. The teenagers are industrious. They are in charge of their local restaurant and also develop their artistic talents. Young people who are not driven by their hormones are able to hear their elders' advice on the appropriate choosing of spouses. They are developing into a mostly agrarian community growing all heirloom open-pollinated seed varieties.

In their well thought out grocery store, the first thing you see is the most beautiful produce section. The small eight ounce bottles of maple syrup are below eye level left of the produce section. At eye level, there is a full array of highly mineralized sea vegetables. Behind the counter, the food that needs to be cooked, lentils, rice and the like are treated like over-the-counter drugs. The packages are very small and the shopkeeper needs to hand them out. Sugar, flour, processed items like chips, coffee, tobacco, alcohol and any extraneous type of junk food are conspicuously absent.

The most remarkable aspect of all is the deep abiding peace felt like a shawl of palpable light encompassing The Clinic and all who enter this holy holistic sanctuary. Where this stems from anatomically speaking is what the ancient Chinese knew about the liver/gallbladder complex. When that is congested, it is the repository of anger, hostility, resentment and other negative emotions. That very physicality of these structures being clean due to internal cleansing, creates peace in the soul.

Perhaps this type of medicine could be extrapolated to create real healing in the whole of the Middle East. From what I have observed over a two week period on site, freely talking to clients and observing how I have been treated, this is by far the most effective healing clinic I have ever been privileged to experience.

I have experienced the ultimate aim of healing as the creation of real peace. I pray for all the people of the world to discover the brilliance of this health care system. Amen.

Robin Sharan

Robin Sharan, owner of The Annapurna Center for Self Healing, recently visited Israel in the pursuit of experiencing the cutting edge of Complementary, Alternative Natural Healing.



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